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Heidi Hayes - Vancouver's Best

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I did my homework and found generally great reviews. Texting was easy and she happened to be working in Burnaby, not far from my office. I was able to book a "lunch", well that's what I told my co-workers anyhow. I went for the PSE at 350, looking for the passion and intensity that I have been missing since my last business trip. I admit after my two previous attempts in Vancouver, I haven't tried anyone else here since my last disappointment. I met her at the hotel, she took me to her room and I used the shower. Coming out was a eye candy treat for me. Tall, shapely, and decked out in very sexy lingerie,
Heidi looked great, instant attraction and chemistry there.

The session was intense, and she delivered on the promise of a very hot meeting. Her oral skills are incredible. I couldn't help myself, she got me completely carried away and I popped, her intense eyes set me off. It's been years since oral alone got me off. I am in my late 40s and one shot is usually all I have, but while returning the favour with some oral of my own on a very fresh and responsive kitty, I found myself ready for round two. Several positions and a very decent workout for me later, the second arrived in cowgirl, again with the eye contact I seem to be craving these days. It was like my own personal porn movie.

As we chatted and cleaned up, I talked about how the outfit she had suited her. Apparently, it was very new, as she's lost a bunch of weight recently and had to get outfits that fit her new shape. I had seen mentions of her being bigger in previous reviews, but I can confirm, her latest ads are very accurate in showing her proportions.

She left for Europe and has been there for a month or so. Apparently, she's stopping in Toronto on her way home. If you have the chance, she's well worth a visit. Rates range from 300 to 400/hr for GFE/PSE, I think she also does massage, but I haven't partaken, it's PSE all the way with Heidi for me.
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