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IN-Call Hayley another caliente Mujer @ Naughty Girls

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Senor Gomes

After reading BT123's review was fortunate enough to book Hayley for the hour. Mark answered the phone in the first ring to my surprise she was available, not time I wanted but booked it. I could not pass the opportunity to pass on a slim 20 and under Nina with Mona Lisa smile (quoting BT) that does Greek.

Can corroborate with both 4x and BT's portrayal of her looks. She has the innocent seductive feel to her appearance. Not much more to add to as 4x's and BT took the thunder away from Mr. Gomes.

Yes she is a true first rate kisser
Yes she likes to fuck in numerous positions
Yes she is passionate and loves what she does
Yes she gobbled big Gomes with dedication have not seen in a long time.
Hit the home run via lube less penetration to her Island I was dazed with with pleasure.

Would repeat over and over again, She is Fantastic.


Nice review Senor I was getting over of my yesterday session and now you remind me again. You are cruel.

Senor Gomes

Beenthere123 said:
Nice review Senor I was getting over of my yesterday session and now you remind me again. You are cruel.

Sorry BT the cruel one was 4x I just jumped on the band wagon.


Well-known member
Joined Jan 28, 2010
Messages 899
Lube less penetration to her Island, now that I can have. Thanks Senor.


Senior Member
Joined Dec 27, 2009
Messages 575
Glad it was a short review would not have handled another long review of her it would have made me call her. And I can't :cry:


Well-known member
Joined Feb 14, 2010
Messages 211
My god! everyone lined up front of Naughty Girls location these days?


Joined Nov 6, 2009
Messages 6,565
Damn I have to taste these ladies. Thanks for making my wood and list grow!

x t c

Well-known member
Joined Jan 9, 2010
Messages 87
Thanks for the review SG. Can't wait to bang Haley's tight little ass!


Well-known member
Joined Nov 12, 2009
Messages 2,650
Great review Gomes, I couldn't agree more she's Fantastic. Thanks for sharing your experience with her

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