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Had to fire a client for wanting OTC time.

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Jessica Rain

Joined Aug 12, 2014
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So here is the story. I have a client who I have seen 4 times now prior to the appointment that went downhill. He messaged me after those four visits, got silly saying things like I should get out and look for happiness elsewhere. I thought whatever, as he was also saying he was done with the hobby. That was fall last year.

Then he contacted me the other week talking about seeing me again. Started asking about an outcall. Saying he thinks it will be cool to have someone over. He also went on about how it would be fun for me in a new environment and it would make me horny. He was also talking about having a call at my trailer. Enjoying a campfire and smoking a joint or two, then having some fun. Everything was "chill and then have fun" in his communications.

I normally only do 2 hour mins. on outcalls but he lived only 15 minutes away from me so I said an hour is fine. And I only charged him my past hourly rate for incall which was $250. Instead of $300/hr outcall rate or even my new incall $260/hr rate.

I arrived at his place at 9 pm, we chatted and smoked, he gave me a tour of his new house and all the renos he did. At 9:30 I made the suggestion to move to the bedroom. I gave him literally a 25 min BJ. Just the way he wanted. I know because he asked me how long he lasted and I had to check the clock which said 10 pm.

I stayed for another 15 minutes, cleaning up, chatting. I declined having him pleasure me because of time.

Then last night I get an email:

Hi Jess,
I was very disappointed in the way our session pretty well ended after a 20 minute blow job. I basically paid 250 for that.
I did not say anything at the time because I was shocked, and did not expect that from you.
I believed our time would start when we went to my room, and at that point I was ready for an hour of sex.
Everything prior to going into my bedroom I thought was just us being friends, talking and you having a smoke before we got started.
I was just being the nice person I am and making you feel comfortable coming to my house.
Would you not feel the same if you were the paying client in my shoes?
Maybe you were just not in the mood that day and just wanted to do a blow and go?


Now I never smoke with clients solo. I don't usually smoke with many clients at all. But he brought it up and seemed eager to partake. When I arrived adn said, where do you want ot smoke, he said he didn't want to. I was confused and he said it was for me. We went downstairs to his basement as he insisted I go and he did partake, hitting the joint once plus he offered me another form of weed to which I of course declined. I only smoke my own.

Here is my reply:

Well I'm glad that you brought that up. It was not my intention for you to feel slighted in anyway.

When I arrived I told you I thought you wanted to smoke and chill as part of your session. You said you didn't want to smoke but wanted to chill so we did.

Being I am an escort, my time, all my time, is paid for and while we get along great, I thought you wanted that companionship of chilling and being friends but understood that it is paid time. I don't ”hang out” with clients. I have plenty of clients I chill with and have a coffee or a drink and even some I smoke with. But it is all paid time.

I arrived at 9pm. I left at 10:15pm. We went into the bedroom at 9:30 and it took only 5 mins to get started. Your BJ was about 25 mins and we chilled for some more after. Same as we have done at my house except you had a massage. I realize I didn't cum but based on the time left, there was no time. I brought my toy and everything like you requested but I felt you were just opting for the long BJ. Which was fine. I get enjoyment out of giving so I didn't take it personally that I didnt cum myself.

Looking back over your emails and in hindsight from this email, I guess maybe I should have saw what you were pushing for. You kept saying to come over earlier but I didn't think that meant to hang out for free. I thought that just meant to start the session earlier if I wanted.

I had a perfectly wonderful time. I am sorry it appears that you did not.

I'm now concerned that you have confused a session at my trailer ”hanging” for free and then only paying for the part of time you have sex for. If you came for an experienced at my trailer, with a campfire, etc that would be paid time was well. I assumed you would have been booking a couple hours for a date like that and it would be all paid time. That is how these things work.

This is the first time I have had a client write back having expected some of the time to be off the clock. I have to admit, I don't know how to address the situation other then, of course, to explain my side.

Please tell me what you think


His reply:

I totally did not hear what you said when you arrived, pertaining to the your sentence I highlighted in blue.

What I'm saying is that I did not hear you say to me...I thought you wanted to smoke and chill as part of your session.

If I did I hear that, I would have clarified that If you want to have a smoke prior to starting our intimate time ..feel free to.

I make 30 bucks an hour and have to work 12 hours to clear 250 bucks, so you can understand that an hour of intimacy is important to me.

I hope you don't think I'm being a dick. I'm actually one of the most sincere guys you could meet.

I just wanted to share my feelings of our visit.

It is clear to me he is ignoring everything I am saying and choosing to hear what he wants. He wanted both companionship and itimacy but he only wanted to pay for one of those services. Clearly I am not going to see him again, but in my opinion he is offside. He wanted to take advantage of me and I didnt' allow it so he is pissed. Not my problem.

I will reply back something professional and fire him as a client.

His info:

Name: Al MacDonald
TERRB Handle: Tory 1
Phone: 905-926-6782
Email: [email protected]
Address: 142 Roxborough Ave Oshawa

He is clean and safe. Normal enough but he has some issues on what is and is not apart of "escort" service.
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