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GT Vienna - Karina 10-29-21

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Me & my two buddies returned to Vienna after Prague & visited Goldentime . A sign on the counter said 90 Euro entry & 30 min. with a girl with basic service ( CBJ & Sex ) 70 Euros. Food was included as well as soft drinks & coffee . Beer was 5E .
We had been at this club a few weeks back so we knew 70E wasn't going to get you much in the room. Most girls were using Covid as an excuse to up-sell their services . I had seen very cute 19 YO Sarafina on my last visit but didn't write a review . Sarafina wanted 70E basic + 70E extra for BBBJ & Daty. After my protests she agreed to 70E + 30E for BBBJ . As we were talking in the bed after the session I told her that at other clubs the girls charged less. Sarafina looked at me and said " you know what .......... those girls are STUPID !" She was hot & a nice tap but a walking cash register. One of my friends wanted to see her also but after I told him about her up-sell for daty he passed. Maybe she was the Stupid one?

On this visit we sat on a three couch sectional near the exit to the pool just as we did previously. On one couch sat a blonde named Amanda , just as she did a few weeks back. My buddies liked this club because quite a few girls would approach you here . They especially liked the ones that sat on their laps or hugged them from behind the couch. One friend said he had a great time with Claudia & then Gina on our last visit. They both hung all over him on the couch . My other friend even did a room with Amanda. I on the other hand I usually go for the quiet GND type . Sometimes I make an exception like Sarafina because she was so damn hot.
I was walking around the club when I spotted an attractive hard bodied blonde lying across the back of a couch near the dining area. She only had on a black halter top that barely contained her huge DD Tits. Normally I stay well away from Fake Tits but this girl had such a hot body on her that she attracted me like a moth to a flame. Besides they might be real after all? I went over to her and we talked some. She was 24 YO Karina from Poland . I told her I would give her 100E for BBBJ & 69 (some girls don't understand was daty is) and she agreed.

In the room Karina removed her top & they were Fake after all . She knelt next to me and began a BBBJ & I reached in to massage her big Tits. Damn they were too firm. I was hoping they might be softer . Time for plan B so I leaned to one side and began massaging her firm ass & pussy instead. Her BBBJ soon got me to attention so I just laid back & enjoyed her soft lips firmly going up & down my Dick for some time.

After a while I I told Karina I wanted to lick her and she started to move around for 69 but I told her instead to move up on her back. I had to give those big tits one more chance. As I didn't take the kissing option I instead began kissing her neck and massaging her tits . Still too firm for my liking so I moved my lips down to lick & suck her big nipples & at the same time I sofly rubbed her pussy mound. Karina was starting to respond so I kissed my way further down and did Daty. At first she slightly raised her head to watch me & we looked into each others eyes as I flicked my tongue on her clit. Karina then let out a low moan dropping her head backwards with her mouth open. I increased the pressure & speed of my licking & she reached down to rub the top of my head. I love it when a girl appreciates a good licking & since I was really enjoying myself too I kept going until I felt her juices flow.

I was thinking of doing some 69 next to get harder but I had spent more time than usual at her honey hole so I just pointed to my Dick and told her it was her turn again. Karina did her thing and applied a cover. We started Doggy slowly with me holding her hips and doing long strokes into her . She soon began making small grunting noises . I decided to try one more time so I leaned forward pushing hard & fast into her pussy while I reached under her to massage her tits. Again they were way too firm to do anything for me so I gave up & went back to holding her ass while I fucked her. Time was getting short so I had Karina turn over and I moved on top of her holding myself up on my elbows. As we fucked Karina tightly wrapped her arms arms me pulling me down on top of her. With her holding me that tight the only thing I could do was move my ass up & down . Her pussy felt so warm & firm as I fucked her fast & deep until I popped.

At the lockers I gave her 100E and she kissed me on both sides of my cheeks. I grabbed a shower & then some food before going back to the couches to join my friends. One of my buddies told me he had done a GFE session with a girl named Alice. It was the same Alice that my other friend had a session with on our last visit a few weeks back . Both guys told me it was the best GFE session so far on our trip and she only asked 100E which included kissing. Lucky Bastards..... but I had no regrets about spending time with a sweetheart like Karina even with her fake tits.

GT Vienna - Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1, 1110 Wien, Austria - Club - Saunaclub FKK Goldentime in Wien
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