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GT Vienna - Alice - 10-29-21

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After a good time with Karina earlier in the evening I was sitting with the guys on one side of some sectional couches . Across from us sat a girl named Amanda who had claimed that part of the sectional couch as her spot. A few weeks back when we at this club Amanda sat in the same place & one of my friends did a room with her. She spent most of the time quietly sitting with an occasional guy coming over & sitting next to her to talk . We only saw her go to the room with one guy .

As I was talking with my buddies all of a sudden Amanda got up & came over & sat next to me . She snuggled up to me and as we talked I told her I would like to do room with her with BBBJ , 69 & Sex with a condom for 100E. Looking at me she said "I can not do that for only 100 Euros". I told her that's too bad . She looked at me for a few seconds then she got up & walked away. I guess she thought she was worth more than the extra 30E I offered her. She walked away with nothing but since I still had the 100E in my locker I looked around for someone else.

About 10 min. later a girl named Alice came over to the couch we were sitting at. She was one of the girls who walked around the club talking to guys . She had an average face & body but was very outgoing & friendly so my buddies liked talking to her whenever she passed by the couches we sat at. On our last visit to GT a few weeks back one friend did a room with her & earlier today the other one did a room with her. Both raved about her GFE service . I decided maybe I should see what the guys were talking about so I stood up put my arm around Alice's waist & told her let's go to a room. She looked at me with a smile and agreed.

In the room Alice closed the door & turned to me and saying " kissing , blowjob with no condom , licking pussy , & sex ..... 100 Euros". She then put out her hand and asked " deal ?" I shook her hand and replied "Deal " . We undressed & got on the bed ( she wore a towel around her). We started out kissing for a while then Alice moved down for a BBBJ which she did very well . The only thing she used her hands for was to massage my balls. After some time enjoyed her sucking my Dick I pulled her up to me and we kissed some before I gently rolled her over on her back.

I began to lick & suck on her small B's while rubbing her pussy. When she started pushing against my hand I moved down for Daty. Within a very short time Alice started moaning & gyrating her pelvis into my face . My first thought was is this part of her act? , but I learned something a long time ago..... you can't fake wetness. Her pussy was dripping . Encouraged by her response I went at her harder & faster. Alice was now making a lot of noise & then she put her feet on my shoulders lifting her ass up off the bed to rub her clit up & down on my tongue. It looks like I found someone who loves Daty as much as I do! After some time I noticed her wetness had a different viscosity and then she put her feet back down on the bed. Alice was still making moaning noises so I decided to keep going . A few minutes later she began rubbing my head so I parted her labia with my tongue & sucked on her clit. Soon Alice let a big groan and pulled her body away from me. I looked up at her and she told me to give her a minute as she was panting hard. Alice then laughed & reached down saying "give me your hand". Puzzled I put my hand out and she put it on her chest. Her heart was thumping away like crazy.

After she calmed down I moved up and we softly kissed for a while. I was getting a little soft so I told Alice it was her turn again. She went at my Dick like she was starving until I was rock hard & then she applied a cover . I told her I wanted to do doggy first. Alice was soon pushing back & wiggling her ass against me while at the same time letting out loud grunts each time I bottomed out inside her. I guess this little Energizer Bunny likes to Fuck also! Time to kick it up a notch so I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto me as fast & hard as I could. All you could hear in the room now was the loud slapping noise of her ass against me.

We had been fucking for some time & I was getting a little winded. I told Alice to turn over so I could get on top mistakenly thinking I could slow down and relax some. As my Dick sunk into her warm pussy Alice leaned up and started kissing me . We kissing softly at first but as the kisses began more passionate I had a problem .... I needed to breathe! I was still a little winded and breathing thru my nose wasn't working. Finally I had to quickly pull away from her lips & turn my head to the side to Gulp in some air. My head was now to the side of hers and I was breathing heavy on her neck. Alice then wrapped her arms & legs around me and began fucking me faster . Maybe she thought I was doing this on purpose so I began kissing her neck in between blowing hot breaths on her . The breathing problem distracted me so it took some time for me to get back up to speed before I popped. From what I felt going on under me I don't think Alice minded the wait .

My buddies were right ...... this little dynamo was a hell of a lot of FUN ! She got to home with my 100 Euros instead of Amanda ! For the record Alice is only 20 years old...... 50+ years younger then me.

Later when my buddies asked me how it went I told then all about my adventure with Alice . About 15 min. later Alice happened to walk by were we were sitting . One of my friends jumped up & took her to a room. When he returned he said it was another great GFE & Alice got another 100 of his Euros. Amanda by the way just sat in her spot . We didn't see her go to a room with anyone for the rest of the time we were there. I guess I have to thank Amanda for being so prissy.

Vienna - Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1, 1110 Wien, Austria - Club - Saunaclub FKK Goldentime in Wien
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