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GT Linz , Austria - Sabrina 10-26-21

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After our 3rd day at FKK Wellcum we needed a break so we traveled north for a couple of days to sight see & relax . Linz was suppose to be just a stop over to break up the long drive to the Czech Republic but we decided to check out FKK Goldentime while we were there. Entrance fee was 85E which included a lot of very good buffet style food & along with free soft drinks. We also each got 3 free alcohol drink cards . The club was small with maybe 10-12 girls but at least 5 of them were soon on my to do list . In this club the girls sit at the various couches & you approach them most of the time. A few came over to the bar "to get something to drink " & then began talking to us. These girls were not someone I would do a session with but it gave us a chance to ask them how the pricing worked at this club. We were told Basic CBJ & Sex was 60E for 1/2hr . BBBJ was 10E extra.

Later I sat down on a couch next to a tall black haired beauty with a very hot body. When I tried talking to her she said she was sorry but sometime had already booked her for a session & had went to take a shower first. I left a little disappointed but on another couch next to her was another girl who was as hot as the 1st one only a little smaller in stature. I sat down next to her and she said her name was Sabrina but she spoke little English. Since I wasn't planning on doing very much talking in the room I took a chance & we went to a room together.

In the room Sabrina removed her clothes and revealed an even hotter hard body then I imagined . She knelt next to me & began a BBBJ that was just the way I like it. Only some hand to get started then all mouth with deep firm suction. I reached over and rubbed her firm ass while I enjoyed the BJ . After a few minutes I reached further over and used the tips of my fingers to rub her pussy . Sabrina began swaying her ass a little and then she asked me to do 69 with her. I told her to move up on the bed instead & I licked & sucked my way down her body & did daty. It didn't take long for her to moan & wiggle her pussy against my tongue. We both enjoyed the daty for a while until she pulled back & asked " We Fuck Now? ". At least she knew that much English.

Sabrina applied the cover and I said " Doggy". She moved into position and we went at each hard and fast. At times I held her hips and pulled her onto me & at times I held still as she pushed back on me. One time while she was pushing back I reached down & grabbed her ankles and rode her wheel barrow style. It was fun but she was bouncing around so much I kept slipping out of her. I told her to turn over and I got on top holding myself up by my elbows so I could do long deep strokes to feel every inch of her hot wet pussy. It didn't take long before I popped . After paying her 70E at the locker I showered and enjoyed some good food.
GT Linz - Edtstraße 7, 4060 Linz-Leonding, Austria Club - Saunaclub FKK Goldentime in Linz-Leonding
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