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GT Linz , Austria - Laura 10-26-21

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After my session with Sabrina a few hours earlier I was hanging out with my two buddies at the bar trying to decide which girl to see next. That's when this cute petite blonde arrived and sat on a couch . I went over and talked to her and found out she was 27 year old Laura from Romania. She sorta looked more like a young Kerri Russell both facially & body wise but without the big hair. I would say she looked more Czech than Romanian. Laura was very friendly & outgoing so we talked for a while and then I asked her to join me in a room.

In the room I asked what extras were available just out of curiosity. She told me 10 E for fingers & 20 E for kissing. I went with the kissing for the extra 20 E just see what it would be like. The kissing turned out to be more passionate then I thought it would be. Actually the whole session was the best out of the girls I have seen so far on our road trip.

We began with soft lingering kisses and then progressed to more passionate kissing with our arms wrapped around each other. Laura then did a very nice BBBJ with me massaging her titties. After a while I pulled her up to me for some more kissing then I turned her over for Daty & spent some time enjoying her sweet wet pussy. My Dick was feeling neglected so I had her move on top of me for 69. I grabbed two handfuls of her tiny firm ass and licked away while Laura put her hands to the sides & used used her mouth firmly over my Dick.

It was time to Fuck so I had Laura apply a condom and she got on top for CG . This position doesn't do much for me do to the limited movement & it seems Laura felt the same way. She soon put her legs inside of mine & then hooked her feet under my legs befrore leaning way back to give herself a longer stroke on My Dick. I reached up and massaged her titties while she closed her eyes and rode me. Next I did some Doggy in her tight pussy before flipping her over . I Fucked her with Deep long strokes and as I got close I leaned in and began kissing her as I popped.

At the locker I only had 50E notes so I gave her two of them . I figured it as 60E base + 10E BBBJ + 20E Kissing + 10E tip. l
My two buddies also said they had great times with the girls they did sessions with & were happy with the prices at this club.

GT Linz - Edtstraße 7, 4060 Linz-Leonding, Austria Club - Saunaclub FKK Goldentime in Linz-Leonding
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