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IN-Call GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! (Eva Charms of Montreal)

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Great Balls of Fire! (Eva Charms of Montreal)
Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and information is from my POV.

Sometimes, I really am amazed at how lucky I am for an Irishman!

Eva popped into the chat room one evening and it’s never been the same! She is a sexy French/Italian woman, with curves that should be illegal! Just look at her website for details.

We arranged an extended play date for her first trip to Toronto, and I’m very happy to announce that Eva played with me first! When we met, it was like we had known one another forever! For some of us middle aged folks, the movie same time next year-Alan Alda/Ellen Burstyn or Somewhere in time Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour comes to my mind.

Eva and I proceeded to get more comfortable and familiar with each other. She opened the gift and tried it on immediately! I think she did that so I could catch a glimpse of her incredible naked body! We shared a glass of wine, became friendlier with one another, and lapsed into a heated encounter.

I was anticipating tasting her succulent lips, both sets! While caressing her, she responded with gentle sighs and caressed me equally enticingly. Eva and I explored the world of food and foreplay for an eternity! The blindfold came in handy;) It’s very stimulating and erotic using fruit during an adventure; the addition of a blindfold heightens the experience ever more. Now, I emptied the chocolate pudding on her breasts and fingered painted her with the chocolate; it was time to strategically place the strawberry, banana, cantaloupe and pineapple slices on Eva’s chocolate covered body! I had just made my first sexual chocolate sundae.

I was craving Eva and her chocolate sundae, but I was taking this nice and slow. I fully intended on enjoying my human chocolate sundae and was not going to leave any left! Seriously, I was like a chubby kid being left alone at the buffet! I couldn’t get enough of EVA CHARMS! I wasn’t prepared for Eva to completely reciprocate the experience, but I soon become just like CANDY for her. Eva said, “Your man candy is just dandy!”

As Eva worked her way upwards, and mounted my royalty. All I could say was GOODY, GOODY After a healthy sexual escapade, which included a complete tour of Europe and every hemisphere known! Eva said and I quote, “Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!” The joint was really rocking if you know what I mean!

Eva, thank you very much for taking me on a one way trip to the sun! After the luvin!

Extraordinary GFE!


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Man you rock :!: this woman is beautiful to my eyes thanks for the review Hof.


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Dude what is with the food and woman's skin that turns you on so much?. Care to share Hof.


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How often you blindfold your ladies Hof, I find it a big turn on. Did it with Alize and Simone it was mind-blowing.


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Seen her illegal curves and me likes, how long has she been in the business?.


Kind sirs:

I have the pleasure of participating in this hobby for 13+ years, and I've found with the experiences that I've had that a woman enjoys to have her senses stimulated, preparing a little foreplay fruit is an ice-breaker, the blindfold is a trust maker. It's all about teasing then pleasing each other for me. I might be alittle kinky, but only in a playful way. I don't believe that I have a food fetish, maybe I do, I find that it just adds some naughtiness to the adventure.

Yes, Eva is a wonderful kisser! But, it takes two for it to be wonderful!


HOF said:
Kind sirs:

Yes, Eva is a wonderful kisser! But, it takes two for it to be wonderful!

Well said why YMMV on your part. :cool:


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Great chemistry you developed Hof always a bonus and thanks for taking the time to write your review.


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Good review Hof, very different kind of session but sounds like fun.


Howiediddot said:
How many SP have you seen in 2009 Hof.

10 more that I have to write about
2 coming up this week for sure
5 more probably in April

It's a hobby!

_ _

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Hof, one hell of a review. Outstanding, my brother. Eva's pics left me drooling.
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