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Joined Sep 17, 2017
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HI all,

So, this has been a long time coming but I am finally taking the time to post some thoughts about a gem I encountered at Sassy Angels.

First, booking has been quite easy with this agency. It's always cordial and accommodating. I have frequented the roster here a fair amount and I would like to highlight my encounter(s) with one GRACE.

What can I say, Grace makes you feel like you're the king of the world when you're with her. She has this co-ed, Western European look about her that you just can't take your eyes off of as you she leads you in to the condo; her choice of lacey black lingerie also helped contribute to my lingering stare. She has a dancer's body that is lithe and fit. She's a spinner but she's not fragile so you get the feeling that she can really put you through your paces. She also has a great smile and adorable eyes that when put together give you this enthusiastic, ear-to-ear squinty-eyed look of joy and eagerness that makes you melt. I have seen her a few times and honestly, it takes all my will to not just wrap my arms around her waist and bring her close.

After a quick shower, I make my way to the room and after some quick conversation (she's so natural and laid-back it's like a dream), she nestles onto the bed with such (you guessed it; Grace) and starts to drop the straps from her ivory shoulders to pull down the only piece of clothing between me and those wonderful 'D' cups. Oh my goodness. In my towel I descend knees first onto the bed as well and she meets me with those luscious lips and we get into some passionate DFK. This girl likes to please. Those lips, those nipples. All of it is just amazing.

Onto the details; Grace lays me down on the bed and starts off with one of the most sensual and devouring BBBJ's I can imagine. I could have spent the whole time right there, but I am a giver as much as I like to receive. After a few minutes of this amazing BBBJ, I get her into some 69. She is very, very responsive to this. It didn't take long for Grace moan with such pleasure and an even less time before I could feel her legs pulse as she came to an orgasm. This turns me on the most. I let her recover and I go in again and it seems like she enjoys it further. After #2 for her, we get into some cow-girl. Best of all worlds. I get to see her wonderful face and those wonderful boobs as I grab her tight body and join in on the rhythm. Grace wants some doggy next and this is where she is most comfortable. I indulge as much as I can but this position is too much so I just let it all go. She cleans me off and we chat a little before I get back into the shower.

I come back out and we have another nice little chat as i get dressed and ready to head out. You really get a great sense of her personality and it only adds to her experience. I have repeated with her on several occasions but I cannot keep her a secret any longer.

Very much worth the visit fellas.


Joined Nov 25, 2016
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I saw Grace a couple months back. She is rock solid and I challenge anyone to find an ounce of fat on her besides those wonderful mammories.

Terrific review and and from my experience spot on. Glad you had a good time with Grace! Thanks again, she’s a nice yoing lady.


Sassy Angels

Joined Nov 20, 2009
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@Crooner6578114 @JJicq @Boreythebald Thank you both so much for your kind words about our ladies and Sassy :) Grace is a wonderful person, and I absolutely adore her! During Grace's brief hiatus, we all missed each other very much and it's wonderful to hear that others feel the same way - very much appreciated, and I know this has made Grace so very happy too!!


Joined Oct 11, 2010
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Excellent review. Thank you for sharing your insights and not hoarding a great find.
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