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Joined Jan 4, 2010
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Well I finally went to PA today...after reading so much about everyone's experiences there I decided I would go. Walked in and I can definitely understand what all the fuss is about the amply chested receptionist wow....very nice. So she takes me up to my room and asks me which service I will partake in so I decide NR for 100. Then I asked her who was available to which she gave me a list and I choose GIA ....boy did I make a good choice...after a quick shower I hear the knock and then she walks in...a Eva Mendes look a like, beauty mark and all (just on the other side)...what a body...her ass is incredible....she asks what I would like...I then said do you other BS and she said yes for 30 more...No problem....great decision...she quickly get naked and starts with the oil....her massage technique is slow and seductive with just the slight little bit of teasing.....the BS up and down my back is awesome with the subtle whispers in my ear....driving me crazy....on to the flip and the main event....she starts slowly and gradually picks up speed....a little Russian for good measure with some more inventive BS mixed in...Afterward we chatted a bit and each took showers...she is a very sweet girl....those that have seen her will agree...I will definitely revisit her....



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Nice review rbo, Gia looks hot. Jennifer and Gabriela also have curvy body types that make me go gaga.

adrenaline junkie

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Nice find dude. Gia's a natural beauty. Bonus, she doesn't seem to have any ink or body jewellery. Anyone confirm?
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