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Funplast Vienna Return - 10-30-21 -Sarah

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On our last day of our Euro tour we returned to FunPlast. After showing our Vax cards we paid the 90E entry and were a paper chit ( voucher ) good for 1/2hr Basic service ( CBJ & CFS ) in the room with a girl. On our last visit we learned the girls only get 60E for the chit so they charge extra for kissing & bbbj. Some girls will include daty in the basic . One of my buddies saw a cute petite blonde ( Vlada ? ) on our last visit & got a GFE for 100E . That was after another girl dinged him 70E + a chit for kissing + another 50E for bbbj,

On this visit I went looking for Vlada but couldn't find her. After walking around the club we sat at the couches near the Bar area wondering if we made a mistake coming back here . It was early afternoon & there were a lot less girls than before & none of them appealed to us. One friend said he wasn't even going to use his chit. Another buddy did manage to find someone to do a room with. After an hour of sitting around waiting a very attractive girl with a hot slender body got a drink at the bar. In this club the girls were not nude . The hot chic walked past us & she was wearing a white fishnet top which clearly revealed her set of nicely shaped C's with big pink nipples. I sat there for a few minutes after she left & then decided .... a bird in the hand!

Her name was Sarah. She was new but spoke little English . I did manage to find out she was 21 YO & from Bulgaria . That surprised me as she didn't look Bulgarian . In fact facially she was very pretty & it didn't hurt that she had the best body of any of the girls at the club that day. After confirming that she would do CBJ , 69 & sex for the chit we went to a room. In the room we undressed & after getting on the bed Sarah came over to me on her knees . I thought she was going to start with a CBJ but then she straddled me & began to rub her pussy back & forth over my Dick. I haven't had a pussy slide in years so I reached up & massaged her nice Tits while I enjoyed the attention to my Dick. It didn't take long for me to get hard & I was wondering what was going to happen next when Sarah looked at me and said " Blowjob?" I replied yes then added " no condom" . She then said "is extra " & I said that's fine.

Sarah might have been new at the club but she wasn't new at sucking Dick. She gave me a very enjoyable BJ . After a few minutes I began to massage her firm ass which I barely reached. Sarah then moved her body closer and I reached in the rub her pussy also. She then put both her hands to my sides & began to suck firm & deeply on my Dick as she bobbed her head up & down. I slipped just my fingertips inside her pussy lips & slowly slid them over her clit. Sarah was getting wetter & she turned to me and said "69 now?" As tempting as that was her BJ was getting too good so I told her I just wanted to lick her. She moved on her back and I began Daty. Sarah soon responded to my licking & began making soft grunting sounds . Her pussy was so fresh & tasty so I spent some time doing daty.

After Sarah got to her happy place she stood up on the bed looking down at me and said " Fuck me Now!" Usually after Daty I need a BJ to get me hard enough but not this time. Sarah applied the cover & we did doggy. She soon began making her soft grunts again & then she lowered her head down sideways on the bed. Sarah was now looking up at me with her mouth wide open as I fucked her. Encouraged by her response I reached back and and grabbed her ankles for leverage as I fucked her harder & faster. The feeling on my Dick as well as the visuals were getting to me so I had her turn over on her back. For some reason my Dick feels like it goes deeper in a pussy during Mish & having a soft warm body pressed against mine while I finish makes it all the better. This time Sarah was also clenching her pussy on & off while I fucked her so I didn't last long before I popped.

At the locker I gave her the chit & asked how much extra . Sarah replied 50 Euros. I paid her thinking I should have asked the price up front but then I remembered I paid 30E extra just for daty on my last visit. 20 E more for BBBJ was well worth it. My buddies later told me that the girls they saw also asked for 50E extra with a chit for daty & BBBJ. My one buddy managed to find another petite blonde later on so he did end up using his chit .

This was the last Girl I did a room with on this wild euro trip with the guys. I started here at Funplast with Simona and after 15 more girls at various clubs I went out with a bang with sweet Sarah .
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