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Funplast in Vienna 10-20-21

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Fun Plast - Richard-Strauss-Straße 8, 1230 Wien, Austria Funpalast Wien | Der Sex-Sterne Saunaclub 90E w/ 1/2 hr

Me & 2 buddies Al & Skip traveled to euro a few weeks back . Our 1st stop in Vienna was Funplast . We each paid the 90E entry fee and was given a chit voucher good for 1/2 hr with a girl in the room. Drinks & decent food was available to purchase. Water was free. This was a large club but there were only 10-12 women there. When I go to a club I only end up of going to a room with 2-3 girls so as long as I find at laest 3 girls desirable then I'm good. This was our 1st time at this club and the girls knew it. While we paid the 90E at the door the girls only 60E from that so you only get the " Basic " service" of CBJ & Sex for the chit. Extra service was extra .

Al saw a skinny girl Raisia 1st & with the chit she dinged him an extra 50E for BBJ + an extra 70E for kissing . She saw him coming a mile away ! Later he saw a cute blonde & said without a chit she only wanted 100E for a GFE that included kissing & BBBJ. Lucky bastard.

I ended up seeing Simonia. She was an attractive Romanian with brown hair and a nice body. I discussed extras with her and only went for an extra 30E for Daty because I figured this was my 1st time with a woman in months ( Due to Covid lockdowns) so with a CBJ I won't be popping that quick.

In the room Somonia started with a very good CBJ & then I did daty on her. It didn't take long for her to start moaning and pushing her pussy into my face. I do daty after a BJ to calm down and stretch out my time with a girl . Since Simonia was so responsive I kept it up the daty for a while . Usualy at this point I need more BJ to get harder but not this time. We started with Doggy and after a while I did Mish . I loved the feel of her soft warm body under me as I fucked her. Simonia seemed to like it also and she wrapped her arms around me and started making soft wimpering sounds until I popped. As I was leaving the room I glanced at my watch. While I thought it lasted longer only 17 min had gone by.

Later in the day my other buddy Skip wasn't doing so well with his Jet lag so I gave him 60E for his chit and went looking for another girl . On a couch in near the casino area I noticed a girl sitting all by herself so I sat next to her and we talked some. Her name was Enna and she was a Black haired GND type . I asked about extra for daty and she said it was included in the basic chit. Seems Simonia saw me coming also! Enna had a nice body & looked cute so we headed to a room.

Enna started with a nice CBJ ( I figured I could still handle that to get hard) . After a few minutes I did daty on her but I wanted more of her soft lips on my dick so we did some 69. As she bobbd her head up & down on my Dick I grabbed two handfuls of her firm petite ass & pulled her sweet tasting pussy onto my face. Next we did some Doogy and I finished with Mish. This time I lasted a whole 22 minutes. I enjoyed my time with her & the bonus was it only cost me 60 Euros.
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