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For Wolfish Desires, Pre-booking May Tour

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May 12th - 15th :: :: [email protected]
I know it seems a bit in excess to be pre-booking this far in advance, however as previous tours
have proven my time fills up quickly and I need to give people appropriate warning of my visits

Stunning, Intuitive, & Unforgettable. She has the Devil in her details.


I believe the best things are explored slowly and with intent. When you find yourself behind closed doors with me, you will be intoxicated by the air of familiarity and soon you will forget the outside world. You can unwind with me in one of my downtown lofts, only to be wound back up in a different way - enjoying a multitude of new experiences.


My positive outlook & unique appearance have been the topics of many reviews across many boards. Needless to say that I am well spoken of and for good reason. I enjoy being the reason for other people’s pleasure; A genuine Libertine I take delight in many subtle moments, an intimate first kiss, sharing a glass of scotch over warm conversation, realizing we’ve spent the afternoon mutually satisfied.


1hr :: 300
2hr :: 500
3hr :: 700

half hours available for the business man on a tight schedule
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