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FKK Wellcum - Day 2 - Katya 10-22-21

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After the great time I had with the soccer mom Lena the day before I went back to Wellcum with my buddies. This time I noticed another shy woman sitting by herself across the bar from where we sat. As I watched her a few guys sat & talked to her and then left. I went over to her and we talked for a while. Her name was Katya and she was a 33 year old Romanian . That kinda surprised me as she had dirty blonde hair and has Russian facial features.

In the room Katya seemed kinda new to this and wasn't sure what to do. I asked her how long she was at the club and she replied four days. She was a newbie ........ yet another fantasy for me play out. I got on the bed and asked Katya to give me a BBBJ . She reached down & held my Dick about half way up and began to blow me. It took me about a minute to come to full attention but Katya continued to keep her hand in the same place only sucking half of my Dick .

After a few minutes I had her turn over on her back and like I did with Lena the day before I kissed her neck while rubbing her pussy. Katya was soon responding to my actions so I moved down for daty. It wasn't long before she started moaning & moving her pelvis up & down against my tongue. Then Katya 's pussy became very wet as she let out a moan and pulled away from me. When I looked up at her I noticed her face was flushed . Katya then said in a giggling manner that she was now too sensitive . I was a little disappointed because I wanted to try 69 with her also.

I then told her to give me another BBBJ while she calmed down. While Katya began another BBBJ I reached down to massage her firm tits. After a few minutes she put a condom on me and got on top of me for CG. I let her set the pace for a while before having her move into position for some Doggy. I started slow but when she began making tiny grunting noises I grabbed her hips and did her fast & deep. After a few minutes I had her turn over and I raised her legs up slightly as I entered her. We fucked like that until I popped. As we walked downstairs to the lockers Katya was now smiling at me a lot . I gave her 70E.

While Katya is a nice & friendly person her service is no where in the same league as most of the other girls at this club.


Joined Aug 29, 2012
Messages 302
I found a few pics of Katya a few days ago on the Wellcum site but now there are no pics of individual girls there?

For the record she has a hot body but the service was just OK.


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