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Fkk Wellcum , Austria- 10-21-21

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After Vienna me and my buddies headed south to Wellcum for a few days . Entry was 85E which included 2 beers & good food. There were about 30 women when we arrived and at least half of them looked very doable to me. I decided that since I was only good for a few pops lately ( me & my buddies are well into our senior years ) I wanted to do a threesome so I can enjoy more women for the few days we were here. After talking to a few girls we found that the 1/2hr rate was 70E with BBBJ & daty but the girls were using Covid to up-sell kissing for 50E extra.

I started scoping out my prey and soon found a petite girl with great looking tits walking around. A short time later a tall black haired came up to me and hugged me. I told her about my threesome desire & told her to wait while I went looking for the great tits girl. I couldn't find her so i went back to the other girl who then told me she would find a 2nd girl for me. I waited at the bar for about a 1/2 hr until I finally saw the tall girl walk by me. I asked her where she was and she just shrugged her shoulders at me and walked away as my buddies starting laughing their ass off at me.

While at the bar a very sexy girl came up to me and put her arm around me. She had long black hair with two long strands hanging down the side of her face framing it . Her attire was a black fishnet teddy which showed her slightly hanging but nice looking big tits with large pink nipples. She said her name was Hermina pronouncing it HairrrrMina rolling her r's. It made sense when she told me was half Spanish. Hermina had a very cute face with pouty lips . I told her my wish and asked her to wait while i looked for the great tits girl again. After walking around the club & not finding her again I returned to the bar. Hermina said she had a friend and returned with Adrianna who had a classic beautiful face and was also half spanish. We discussed terms and Hermina wanted extra for BBBJ & daty but I told her the going rate for this club was 70 E with that included & besides she was only doing half the work! She agreed to the 70E . At this point I will refer to her as the "Devil" based on the Elvis Presley song You´re The Devil In Disguise.

In the room the Devil did all the talking. She sat on the bed and asked if I would give her a tip . I told her she needs to show me she deserves a tip first. She then asked if I came by car. I replied yes. She then asked " A white car? " I said yes . Her eyes widened as she then said " BMW" . I said no a Skoda. She looked disappointed as she said to Adrainna " a Skoda".

I got on the bed and the Devil moved up to straddle my face blocking my view as Adrianna moved down for the BJ. Something didn't seem right so I moved the Devil out of the way and saw Adrianna trying to put a condom on me. I told the girls we agreed a BBBJ. The devil said something to Adrianna in another language and she removed the condom and began a very nice BBBJ . Meanwhile the Devil was strattling me with one knee on the bed and the other leg with her knee up. Even when I tried raising my head my tongue just bearly touched meaty pussy lips . I then put my hands on her petite ass and I pulled her pelvis down to my face. As Adrinna was still giving me a nice BBBJ with deep firm suction I went at the Devils pussy. Sometimes I just licked her clit with the tip of my tongue & other times I sucked on her meaty lips. When the Devil started making shallow grunting noises I licked faster & sucked harder until she quivered and pulled back. I looked up at her and she was actually smiling at me. She then used a wipe to clean her dripping pussy and then she grabbed another wipe and gently wiped my face & beard while still smiling at me. I figured we turned the corner but I was wrong.

The girls switched places and soon as I began licking Adrianna I knew from the feeling the Devil has slipped a condom in her mouth for the BJ. Adrianna had given me such a nice BBBJ so I let the Devil get away knowing that I could eat pussy for awhile without any fear of popping from the Devils BJ. After about two minutes the Devil quickly got up and sat on my Dick for CG. I went back to licking some sweet pussy as the Devil tried to get me off . Little did she know that CG does little for me! After some time I sat up and told the Devil I wanted to do Doggy. While fucking the Devil from behind Adrianna moved on her back with her legs spread and played with her pussy while looking at me. The Devil started making loud fake groans but after a few minutes it was bothering me so I pulled out and did Doggy with Adrianna after she switched the condom. The Devil to her credit now knelt next to me and used her hands to push her big soft tits towards my face . I leaned in & latched onto one of her big pink nips and sucked away as I fucked Adrianna . Next I had Adrianna move on her back & we did Mish for a while. It felt good but I wanted to get my moneys worth out of the Devil so I had her change condoms again and then I got on top of her and fucked hard & fast. This time she only made soft wimpering noises and hugged me until I popped in her .

We all walked downstairs & I went to my locker to get the funds . I then handed both girls 70 E at the same time . Adrianna smiled at me but the Devil said " you don't even have one extra Euro to give me?" I replied " No , you didn't earn it". All in all it was a lot of fun with these girls. Adianna gave a great BBBJ & was a nice tap . The Devil in spite of her mischief with the CBJ & fake moans had way too hot of a body & face for me to regret fucking her.

Wellcum Kraftoolstraße 1, 9601 Hohenthurn, Austria - Home - WELLCUM
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