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FKK Wellcum - Alisa - 10-22-21

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One of my buddies had went to a room with Alisa the day before & he told us she was very energetic & a fun in the sack. During this day she had stopped to talk to us guys a few times as we sat at the bar . Later in the evening she stopped by again but this time I asked her to go to a room with me.

In the room Alisa & I took a shower together soaping each other up . I made sure all her good parts got enough lather and she did the same for me. After drying off we got on the bed and talked a little. She is 31 yo from Hungary. Alisa then moved down facing me and began to lick & tease my Dick before taking it in her mouth for a BBBJ. The BJ was very deep & firm with lots of eye contact and occasionally she moved down to lightly lick & suck my balls.

After enjoying the BJ I told her to move up on the bed & I did my neck kissing & pussy rubbing thing before moving down for Daty. Alisa had her knees raised a little when I started licking her but It wasn't long before her legs began to slowly spread outward giving better access to the prize. Then she suddenly sat up & reached down removing my glasses saying "we better get these out of the way". I went back at it & she began to make soft moans as she reached down and rubbed my shoulders. When she began moving her pelvis I licked harder & faster . We were both getting into it but then she grabbed the sides of my head, let out a grunt , and pulled back. I looked up at her and she said " I squirt " in a laughing manner.I thought she meant she does squirt & was warning me but when I moved up on the bed there was a huge wet spot in the middle of the bed. It seems she meant "I squirted " .

After I moved over to avoid the damp area I told Alisa I wanted to do some 69. She had used a wipe before getting on top of me but I soon found out she was still plenty wet on the inside. As I burrowed my face into her pussy Alisa soon began pushing back. She then propped herself on her elbows and started to bob her head up & down with deep firm suction.

Next I had Alisa apply the cover and we did doggy which she informed was her favorite . As I held her hips I slowly but deeply moved in her . Soon Alisa began grabbing the sheets and made whimpering noises. She also started to push back against me so I fucked her faster & harder. The whimpering turned into small grunts & she was now putting her hands against the headboard for better traction . Since this was my second room for the day it takes me longer to finish so I was able to enjoy this position longer then usual. Alisa didn't seem to mind either. Next I had her turn over so I could feel her young soft body against me as I finished inside her.

We did another shower together in the room again making sure each others body parts were adequately lathered up & massaged clean. At the lockers I gave her 70E + 5E Tip . I would have given her more but that's I had left in my locker . My buddy was right ....... she was a hell of a fun Fuck.
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