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After my threesome with Adrianna & Antonio I grabbed dinner with my buddies in the dining area & then we hung out at the bar. I still hadn't seen any trace of the girl I wanted to originally do a room with , Cassandra. Someone with deep pockets probably had her sequestered in the VIP area with him. Around 8 PM a very petite girl came up to talk to me at the bar. Her name was Ivi which she pronounced as Eeeve . With her long blackhair & matching black lingerie she was a cute little thing but I told her I was waiting for my Cassandra . She started to walk away but I called her back . I said to her that we were leaving the club around 11 PM & if I couldn't find my Cassandra before 10 PM I would do a room with her. She smiled and left.

At 9:50 I decided to grab a shower to freshen up and then go searching for Cassandra. Again no luck in finding her so I returned to the bar to sit with my friends. When I got there one of the guy said somebody was looking for me & pointed toward the dining area. There was Ivi looking thru the glass door looking to see if I was in there. She then turned & after seeing me she gave me a big smile. I was on the hook for this so we went upstairs for a room.

Ivi undressed and began a very deep & firm BBBJ . After a few minutes she looked up and said " Do you mind if you finish in my mouth?" . I told let's see how it goes . Ivi went at my Dick like she was starving probably thinking she was going to get an extra 50E & be out of there in short order. What she didn't know was that after my threesome it was going to take more than a quick BJ to get me off. After about 5 minutes I told her I wanted to go down on her for a while. I did daty for a few minutes but then Ivi said she wanted to do 69 . Again her mouth went like a piston up & down my shaft trying to get me off as quick as she could.

Her BJ wasn't doing anything at all for me so I told Ivi I wanted to do Doggy. She fished around in her purse & applied a condom. She was very tight and only after a few minutes she started squirming around not letting me enter her too deep. Then she pulled away and turned over . I moved down and tried to do mish but then she moved her hand down and held half of my Dick as I fucked her. I got to fuck her for about a minute before she told me to wait as she pulled back & took the condom off me. Ivi then bent her haed down to suck me again. Her head was bobbing up and down fast but she was using mostly her hand instead of her mouth. I told her to sit on the edge of the and I stood next to the bed and had her blow me. Ivi was having trouble with her long hair getting in the way so she tried holding it up in a ponytail with one hand. I reached down & held her hair for her as she sucked me . After a few minutes she was mostly using her hand & barely had her lips on my Dick. I decided to cut my losses and told her this wasn't working for me & just to stop. She looked up at me in kinda agreement. At the locker I gave her the Basic 70E and she gave me a little smile as she left.


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As always TP, 2 thumb's up for the great reviews of all the ladies you saw. Sounds like you and the boys had a very good usual! :bananafuck::bananafuck2::bedfuck2:

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