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FKK Luderland Oct 2109 - 1st Visit

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Name: Alice & Sarah this Visit.

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Last May my buddy Al & I flew into Germany and after picking up a Rental we headed to FKK Luderland because it was on the way to our Hotel & we had 6 hrs to kill before we could check in. We missed the early bird special so entry was 30E . After a shower we had a coffee & pastry snack ( thats all they have other than some fruit) and sat down to check out the ladies. On my previous visits the year before there were about 10-12 Girls. On this visit there were only 4 Girls . I did a session with Isabella. She told me up front that the bj was without a condom but sex was with a condom only. I told her that was fine . There was a lot of Deep Passionate kissing and the bbbj was very good. She was very responsive to me licking her pussy and she moaned a lot. Sex with a condom in different position was good and I had no problem popping. My buddy Al also enjoyed himself but he can't remember the Girl's name. We never went back during our 3 week vacation.

This October after landing in Germany I again couldn't check into my Hotel until later in the afternoon . I decided to give Luderland another chance & I went there for a short visit. I paid the 20E early entry before noon and after a shower I went with Petite Alice to a room. Alice kissed much better on the couch but in the room it was only a few quick closed lips kisses before she turned her head away. I then kissed her neck but when I tried to kiss her nipples she pulled away. To get her in a better mood I moved down to lick her pussy. When I asked if we could do 69 she said no so I went back to licking her pussy. She was quiet the whole time but when she started to move her hips slightly and her juices began to flow I knew she was ready to go.

Alice then gave me a really nice BBBJ while I reached over to rub her small firm ass and then her pussy. Next I started with Doggy and took long slow strokes into her tight and very warm pussy. It felt so good but I knew I wasn't going to last very long that way so I grabbed her hips and pushed my Dick all the way in her and went at her hard and fast with very little movement on my part. Alice started making small moans & grunting noises as I did her. After letting her have her fun for some time I had her move over on her back . She guided my Dick into her and I once again enjoyed taking long slow and deep strokes into her wet pussy until I popped.

Overall it was OK but nothing great. Alice was the first girl I had been with in over a month so I knew the 1st one wasn't going to last long. If I knew her pussy was going to be that warm & tight I might have saved her for later.

After another shower I ate the rolls with Ham I brought with me and then took a short nap on the couch. When I woke up I saw Sarah walk by and she gave me a big smile. My original plan was a quick visit for pussy , lunch & a nap. I got up and followed Sarah to her couch. We talked some then went upstairs. Sarah was a much better kisser than Alice and I enjoyed her soft warm passionate slightly opened mouth kisses as I rubbed her pussy. When I moved down to suck on her nipples Sarah put her hand on my head and make soft moans. I then moved down to lick her pussy. Sarah only moved her hips slightly at first but then I felt her stomach muscles contracting and again she put her hand on my head. After a few more minutes I told her I wanted to do 69 and she said OK as she moved into position.

Sarah has a slim body so her ass fit nicely into my two hands as I pulled her down onto my tongue. Sarah started a BBBJ while holding onto my Dick. After a few minutes she began moan & push her pussy against my tongue. Then she put both hands on the bed to lift her up slightly as she began to take my Dick deeper into her mouth & bob her head up & down faster . That felt so good but soon way too good & I had to stop her. I still wanted to Fuck her so I had Sarah moved into Doggy position. There was a little resistance as I attempted to push my Dick into her and Sarah reached back to guide me in. Damn if she wasn't as warm and tight as Alice was. Since Sarah was only and hour after Alice I was able to take nice long slow stokes deeply into her for some time. When I looked down I noticed her pussy firmly around my Dick on the out stroke. I am only average size so it wasn't me causing her pussy to hug onto my Dick like that. I was really enjoying her that way. From the moans & grunts she was making it seemed Sarah was also enjoying it. When I started getting close I had Sarah turn over & I got on top of her so we could Kiss as I fucked her until I popped.

Overall Sarah was a much better GFE than Alice and as it turned out it was better to Fuck Alice 1st so I could have more time enjoying Sarah. Damage was 30E per girl. As I was leaving I saw a few more Girls that looked interesting. The girls looked a lot better than in their photos. I'll have to try to make it back again on this trip.

Alice - I would recommend to have a fun time with.
Sarah - I would recommend to have a GFE with. More passionate & Sensual

I did make it back with some friends in the following weeks.
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