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Fkk Babylon Koln - Oct 2019

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My friends LTO & Vinnie along with myself went to Babylon because I had a good time there in the past. We paid the now 70 Euro entry each and after a shower headed to the bar. Two girls approached Vinnie and tried to talk him into a room together. He passed & the girls came over to me. One was named Georgina but I didn't get the other girls name. I will name her Bat shit Crazy girl or BSCG for the purposes of this post. While Georgina was rubbing up against me BSCG was constantly sticking her tongue out at me a like Gene Simmons KISS character while at the same time putting her hand on my Dick. It was early yet so I passed also.

A short while later LTO ended up seeing Georgina by herself said she was OK in the room but acted business like for the session.... she wanted to get him off & get out! He paid her 50 Euros. Vinnie was sitting on a couch near us when a Blonde glasses girl sat next to him. They soon started kissing and then went to a room. Later he told me he did Anal with her but never told me the cost. I think he also did a room with another girl later. Vinnie kinda wanders away by himself and really doesn't much about his sessions.

Later we ate some tasty food and had some of the free beer at a table near the bar. The girls had cranked up the music and were now dancing on the bar at times. I went over and sat on a bar stool for a better view. Some older guy was flashing a wad of cash and Georgina had taken it out of his hand and was waving it about. BSCG came up to me at the bar sticking out her tongue again and swirled it around . Then she reached over and grabbed my Dick again before walking away.

Georgina was now lying on her back on a couch in front of me with her legs spread open rubbing the guy's cash on her pussy. When she saw me looking at her she loudly said " You come Fuck me..... I PAY YOU! " The older guy then went over and took his cash back. Just then BSGC walked by and tweaked my nose before she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into her tits before walking away again.

I was still at the bar when a petite blonde with glasses came to the bar to get something to drink. We had noticed her sitting all alone by herself on a couch in the lounge area for most of the evening. She was cute looking and as had a nice body on her . I was debating on seeing Georgina & BSCG together because I figured they would be fun in the room too. After LTO informed me of the so so time with Georgina I decided not to.

The shy glasses girl started to interest me so I decided to just talk to her for a while on the couch . Her name was Layla and she was 20 YO and spoke limited English. I asked if she came to Germany just to work in the club and she replied she came to Germany a year ago for music, then she played a little air guitar. Layla then said she had only started working in the club a few weeks ago. I guess the Band gig didn't work out to well for her. Layla then told me she liked talking to me because my accent made it easy for her to understand me . I told her I was from the Niagara Falls . She had no idea where that was! We continued to talk for a while and I suggested we go to a room . As Layla and I walked toward the staircase I realized I had I had to use the toilet . I told Layla I would catch up to her and quickly ducked into the Men's room. It turned out to be only Gas but at my age I can't take a chance anymore. Layla took me upstairs but there were no empty rooms. We then went to the basement and found a room there.

In the room we lightly kissed and Layla removed her Glasses as we got on the Bed. I began to lick & suck on her puffy nipples while I massaged her pussy lightly until she started to rub my back softly. At that moment I knew this was going to be a good one so I moved down and slowly licked her pussy. It didn't take long before Layla began moaning and as she raised her legs slightly her pelvis began to jerk upward every time my tongue hit her clit. So far so good but then she quickly sat up pulling away from me. I was thinking the worse but then Layla reached over and removed my glasses saying she didn't want to break them. She settled back down and I went back to licking her pussy. It seems she removed my glasses at the right time because Layla began to squirm & thrash about while pressing her pussy into my face as I licked away.

I let Layla have her fun then it was my turn as I turned over on my back. Layla moved down and began a nice bbbj just as I like it. Sucking the full length with a firm pressure. I enjoyed that for awhile then I pulled her body over me for some 69 . While I enjoyed her sweet pussy Layla continued the nice BBBJ. She then began to push her pussy down onto my licking tongue so I grabbed two handfuls of her petite Ass and helped her out by pulling her wet pussy into my mouth to suck her soft labia. I just love that move.

It was time to move on to other things so Layla put on the condom and did some cow girl before I asked her to do Doggy. I began Doggy slowly and she began to grab the sheets as she put her head down as she pushed back . There was a mirror on the side wall and I wanted to see us Fucking so I told her to hold on while I reached over to the night stand for my glasses. I then grabbed her hips and fucked her deep and fast as her ass made slapping noises against me. Layla was now making loud moaning sounds and as I looked in the mirror she turned her head facing the mirror. Her face was all scrunched up. I was concerned so I stopping and asked her if everything was alright. Layla said everything was good. I went back to slowly doing Doggy but when Layla started pushing her Ass into me harder I grabbed her ankles and rode her wheel barrel style. I guess it was just her odd sexface? I didn't look in the mirror anymore .

Next I decided to try something I hadn't done in years. I pushed down on Layla's ass until she was flat on the bed and I laid on top of her as I Fucked her . It was nice feeling her firm ass against me as I thrust into her pussy hard and deep. Then I had Layla turn over and we fucked away with me lifting her legs up slightly as she began running her finger tips lightly up and down my back. When I popped she hugged me tightly.

Damn what a great time I had with her. Everything seemed to click with us. It turned out shy little Layla wasn't so shy behind closed doors. At the lockers I gave her 50 Euros and she gave me a full soft kiss on the lips. Perfect !

I Recommend Layla
LTO does not Recommend Georgina
Vinnie was happy with his girls whoever they were.
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