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Joined Feb 22, 2010
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Felisha is in and wants to play ... - 22 (Fairview Area)

Date: 2010-06-29, 4:09PM EDT
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Are you looking to see one of the best the business has ever had ???

Hello gentlemen my name is Felisha 5'4 115lbs 36C long dark hair and big sexy blue eyes ...

I love to please and enjoy being pleased in return ... so what are you waiting for bring your sexy self , toys and your fantasy and let's get it on ....

In tonight until 7:30

Call and book now don't hesitate any longer promise you'll leave and leave with a smile

(519) 749 9184
I wanted to book Felisha today, so I called Misty's at 8:30am to book a 10am appointment, as her last few Craigslist ads mentioned that as her start time. I was told today she only starts at 3pm and will be there there until 8pm. I say that's cool - book me in from 7 to 8. They say okay, but call to confirm around six. Everything goes as planned. At 5pm I call and confirm my 7 to 8pm. I am told everything is still cool, so at about 6:50pm I show up, get buzzed up and go to the apartment. Here I am told that Felisha has already left for the day.

Yes, I am a little pissed off as its unlikely I can now book someone else this late in the evening. I am pissed off because I confirmed two hours ahead of the scheduled appointment and was still given the green light. I am pissed off because I wasted my time by going out of my way to get there on the other side of KW. I am annoyed that I didn't get so much as a courtesy phone call to let me know the booking was off. Overall, I am annoyed at the unprofessionalism shown by both Misty's Bachelorettes and by Felisha.

This is my second bad experience at Misty's. The first was Sora, but at least that time they actually got the booking right. In any event, I won't be wasting anymore of my time or money on this piss poor agency. I should also point out that I have NEVER had a scheduling debacle like this with Pink Sugar, KW Kittens, or with AAB. If these agency had to cancel, they at least have the courtesy to call or text to let me know - which is fine, as sometimes these things happen.

The Spiderman Review gives Misty's Bachelorettes 2/10.

The Spiderman Review gives Felisha's professionalism a 1/10, and recommends Caerf members avoid her so they don't get stuffed around like I did.


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Thanks for the heads up Spidey. Any other member here had similar experience?.


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I've actually never had anything but *good* experiences with booking at Misty's. What was the issue with Sora? She was a tight little sex kitten if I remember correctly. Maybe she was having an off day.

I guess the bottom line in K-W is there are a total and utter lack of decent agencies or fresh faces...:eek:uch:


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That is a low score, wow. Well thank you for the warning, especially if I am up that way.


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emotional intelligence said:
They did not try to compensate you for your time Spider.
No, not even an apology.

Juanthepervert said:
Wow 2/10 and 1/10 is it deserving or did they just had a bad day?.
I think its deserving. I have been a hobbiest for a while, and that particular incident just pissed me off. I haven't had any similar booking issues with Pink Sugar, Kittens, or AAB.

Lou Pole said:
Thanks for the heads up Spidey.
You're welcome.

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