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It's surprising Sex Worker support groups and associations haven't been on this issue is surprising. The attack on Strip Joints and other adult venues have been very noticeable and is very surprising considering Harper is gone.


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It's a tyranny of the majority. The majority doesn't participate in the adult consensual sex trade industry so they ignore that it's targeted or slightly agree with it. Meanwhile, those who want to exercise their freedom of using their bodies as they wish, get screwed.

But people forget that it's the same thing on other issues.

Smoking bans
Forced health insurance
phone data collection
Excessive business regulation
excessive environmental regulation

Face it, when government steps in, all that happens is that government grows and finds more ways to control your lives and tax dollars are wasted usually causing things to get worse. Why is it also that people cannot see that they complain about government power when the "other party" is in power but cannot see it when their own party is in power? Hypocrisy?

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