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FDA now requires 'black box' warning on painkillers

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Joined Sep 10, 2015
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The government makes drug use unsafe.

If drugs weren't disallowed by law, reputable companies would distribute them - such as Johnson and Johnson. Stores, such as Shoppers Drug Mart would sell them OTC and drug users would be assured as to the quality and safety of the contents of each bottle. Just as Tylenol is distributed today.

That is why I mainly stick to pain killers or natural substances because I know what I am putting in my body and I don't have to worry about someone incorporating harmful fillers into the products I consume. I feel sorry for the poor people who use drugs such as 'crack' because of the illegality of their addictions, the drug pushers put all sorts of harmful by-products in that shit to keep costs down.

Drugs are a health issue. They shouldn't be a criminal issue. Comitting crime is wrong. Using drugs should not be considered wrong. There should be no difference between someone who decides to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, use marijuana or take Cocaine. It should all be considered personal choice and a health issue.
Joined Sep 10, 2015
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I agree with him on what he says in the video, except I don't want to tax drugs. I think taxes are theft. Government should only ensure liberties are respected and not be involved in distributing income based upon taxation.
Joined Sep 10, 2015
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Today, I consumed a bottle of wine. How am I any different that a person who decided to smoke marijuana, use pain killers, or inject heroine?

It's all the same.

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