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Faith and Callie @ Roomates

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April 26th:

I decided to go on a splurge this week and try out new girls in DT before my schedule gets busy for the summer. What better way to do that then to try out Callie and Faith. I was contemplating a duo but I wanted to try them out individually first. Didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket. I only put a review on Faith because the other review of Callie are spot on about her looks. PM me if you want anything more specific.


Quick overall:
Looks: 9/10
Body: 8.5/10 (Small and Skinny but that's my type) , barely visible nose piercing
Service: 9.5/10
Eyes: Blue
Service: DFK, BBBJ, CIM, doggy, 69, Cowgirl (probably open to more)
Time: 30 minutes
Damage: $140

In detail:
Booking was easy and the location was easy to get to. Knocked on the door and I see this cute, young and small girl in red bra and panties. She gave me a long and deep kiss. She smelled really good and didn't detect much smoker's breath (big thing for me). We continued to make out as she led me to the back room.

She didn't rush me to take a shower as she slowly suggested while we kissed. The shower was leaky and clogged for a bit before draining but I had Faith on my mind the entire time.

I got out with my jeans still on as I love it when girls grind on it (weird fetish I know). We made out intensely for a bit (DFK) as she unzipped my jeans and gave me a deep BBBJ. Her blue eyes looked so hot looking up. We started talk one dirty to each other and proceeded to 69.

Her pussy was so tight and I told her that as she squealed in delight. When I was close to busting, quickly switched to cowgirl. She rode a bit too hard but still felt amazing. We switched to doggy as I squeezed her tight ass and slapped it. Everything looked amazing in the mirror. Seeing that my time was almost up, I told her to suck me off as I came inside her mouth.

We cuddled after as we definetly connected and she made such a good effort to make me comfortable. Bad parts: apartment was shared with other people, leaky shower and her boobs may be a bit small for some people but they're just my taste. DEFINETE REPEAT.

Callie: Another 30 minutes/$140. Recommend to not do two different girls back to back. Still spent from Faith so I just did a massage and quick BBBJ with Callie. Surprisingly ended up CIM but too tired to fuck. Other reviews are spot on about her looks and personality.

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