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I waited a few days to post this as i wanted to be as fair as possible and not ‘in the heat of the moment’. I don’t really do reviews either, I am usually one to walk away from an experience and keep things to myself.

I’m going to try to make this as detailed as possible so my apologies if it’s a long read.

I haven’t been in a relationship since September after I broke up with my gf of 7 years after drama being caused in my life over working too much and accusations of cheating. The past few months I’ve been working on myself, reading a lot, working on art in my free time as well as working period. On New Year’s Eve I decided i wanted to spend the evening with someone, as I craved human touch and found Ezra online. It would be a nice way to end off the year. It seemed like we would gel going along by what she had in her bio.

Great-I have to admit I was a little skeptical as I hadn’t seen an escort since I was a young man almost 20 years ago. So I message her and she responded back immediately and asked me when I wanted to get together. I told her a time and she was very accommodating. She was running errands she said but she really wanted to get together, it was no problem! She gave me the address to meet at and everything went smooth.

I live in another area of Toronto so I was a little unfamiliar with Corktown. It was a pretty rough looking neighbourhood and I started to get bad vibes as I was walking through. I pressed on and texted Ezra to tell her I was there and she came to the door to meet me. She shouted out ‘sounds like a party is going on out here’. I mentioned that the guy next door was being delivered a pizza and music was blasting from the pizzamans car.

Ezra was averagely cute, certainly not mindblowingly gorgeous at all, but sort of the cute average girl at school-‘rates are a bit high’ I’m thinking in the back of my mind.She seemed really sweet and welcoming though! I was actually happy with the way things were turning out thus far for the most part. She asked me to hang my jacket up on an antique mannequin type thing and I made a comment about it looking like it came from the 40s or 50s. I am into antiques myself, so it was rather cool to see.

I went into the bathroom to warm up a bit as it was extremely cold outside. On my way to the bathroom I put something on the dresser and I said ‘I’m just going to leave this here for now’. She said ‘oh I always seem to forget about this’. The bathroom was relatively clean and she had towels ready for me, which was nice to see. I had already showered. I let her know this when I came out of the bathroom.

She came up to me and said ‘thanks for coming’ and gave me a big hug and then we kissed. We started kissing a bit more then she said ‘this needs to come off’ pointing at my shirt and I said ‘already?’-jokingly.

When my shirt came off she noticed my cross and asked if I was religious. I said ‘no’ and she was kissing me in between ‘it’s a keepsake’. She unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants and started giving head. It felt really good. It was very wet and sloppy, which I like a lot. Ezra seemed to be very into it, which turned me on even more. She kept saying that my dick is so big, which I thought was a bit weird. She asked me if the bumps on my dick were razor bumps and I nodded yes, as I shave my dick and balls.

The B.J. was pretty good. I had asked to do pse so we did some face fucking as well, which was fun. I had also asked for dirty talk. I guess ‘your dick is so big’ is dirty talk. That didn’t do much for me. She asked me ‘how big are you?’ ‘

‘I dunno 6 inches maybe?’

‘don’t guys measure their dicks?why dont you?’

‘why would I?’ I said with a shrug.

It’s just a trend I never understood.

It was an extremely sloppy face fuck and at one point I was fingering her as well and she was extremely wet. I made a comment to her about this. This turned me on a lot.

I layed down and she blew me a bit more and I said ‘let’s fuck’ and then she said ‘most guys just like bjs and some kissing and that’s it but let’s do it’. She grabbed one of her condoms out of a drawer and put it on me. I did not touch it at all. She then lubed it up with some lube and started to ride me with her on top. We had trouble getting it in at first but eventually it went in. I played with her tits a little while she was riding me. She told me to spank her which I did. It was pretty good.

After awhile I said ‘let’s change positions’. She then commented on how the bed is super low so some positions are super awkward. I tried to find a spot that was comfortable for both of us but eventually settled for doggy. She guided me into her again.

We did doggy for a few minutes and at one point I Iooked down to pull my dick out. When I pulled it out I noticed the condom was gone and I said ‘oh shit!’ She turned around and saw it and had her mouth open. I then saw her face change in a matter of seconds which concerned me greatly as this sweet happy go lucky girl turned into something else. ‘OMG OMG DUDE WHAT THE FUCK?!?!’(she never did bother to learn my name). She was visibly panicked and angry and I was there as still as a statue with my mouth open because A) I started to worry if I might catch an std and B) the hostility that suddenly came bursting towards me. Her and I began to look for the condom as she’s saying ‘oh no oh no oh no what the fuck. Dude, this is not cool what you did’. It was not on the bed or floor. I asked ‘maybe it’s in you?’. She let out a scream with her mouth closed and hitting the top of her head with her hands as she pounded her feet to the bathroom. It was incredibly unprofessional and unattractive. I still couldn’t believe it. I got up when she came out and asked her if it was in there. And she said yes that it got stuck. She then asked me ‘has this ever happened to you?’ And I said ‘no, you?’ And she said ‘no’. She’s still pacing around though and she says ‘dude you need to leave NOW. There’s only 15 mins left anyways.’

My internal clock felt off. 15 mins? Really? My phone was in my jacket pocket and I just wanted to get the hell out of there before she got more hostile, so I didn’t check. As I was getting dressed(very quickly I might add) I looked at her across the room with a look that said ‘you little scammer-you know it wasn’t my fault’ and did not utter one word. It left a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I walked out and started to head home. When I got home I got a text from her saying ‘oh sorry I was wrong we still had a half hour left’. According to the text message timing it would’ve been only 25 minutes I was in there but okay. ‘I’m going to give you a refund for the time lost’. Why didn’t she give it to me when I was in the room with her getting dressed?

I wrote back to her telling her ‘sure I’ll take the refund and that there are no hard feelings’ and it was a ‘pleasure to meet her-it was too bad what happened-the condom (hers put on my dick by her-didn’t put this in the message) was probably just the wrong size-the incident just really ruined the mood’. I mentioned to her I’ve been abstinent since my last gf in sept which was long term (we lived together actually) and have been tested so I know I’m clean. I asked her if she’s been tested recently for sure as I was worrying myself.

Anyways an hour or so goes by and no response. I’m getting ready to go out and meet a friend for New Years so I prompt her ‘btw you can just send the refund for half of a one hour apt via etransfer to my email’-which I gave her.

The next day, I get a text back that says ‘I can’t do that. If I do an etransfer to you, my identity will be open, everyone will find out who I am and there is a stigma against what I do. Only two options-cash or an amazon gift card. And I would only be refunding you $100. Take a look at my prices again. Half hour is 250. Pse on top of that is 100’ and that ‘she went to see her doctor for a test on the morning of our encounter and didn’t want to look like a fool going back’.

I write her back a long message detailing that my work started up again after the new year so I would be working long days and nights and I would not be able to swing by to pick up cash and I really do not need an amazon gift card. I was also afraid of her/did not want to go near the neighbourhood again at all but did not say that as I kept all my side of interactions positive. ‘Is there another option we can do?’ I asked. I let her know most walk in clinics do tests so she doesn’t necessarily have to go back to the same dr if she is embarrassed.


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I also stated that I hear her on the rates issue but one could also see it as we had originally agreed and booked an hour at 350 and pse on top of that is 100, and since we only did the half (25 mins or so) of the originally agreed hour, which both of us blocked out, that she owed me $225. I said to her that when I met her she seemed like a fair and just person and that I trusted her to do the right thing, again being nice, having faith and giving her the benefit of the doubt.

I had completely forgotten about this message I sent as I got swamped with work, my family was messaging me about one of my aunts getting cancer and another one getting divorced and the art stuff I was working on.

Yesterday morning sent at 7 am-24 hours later I get a very long, confused, rambling message from Ezra. Accusing me of sneaking trying to take off the condom when she knew fully well it fell off and got stuck inside of her. There were bits about ‘this isn’t tinder’. I never even said anything to that sort.

She also accused me of trying to take advantage of her and she was not going to be a doormat, so therefore I get nothing, no refund. I guess that’s an excuse a scammer tells themselves?

She said she was being nice offering me 100$ even and that most in the industry would blacklist me forever for the horrible sin I did. I still don’t know what I did? The condom fell off and got stuck inside her. Hence why she originally asked me if this has ever happened to me before.

She said she should’ve been angrier at me then she was for what I ‘tried to slip by’ her and that also because I made her rush and disturbed her by booking an appointment when she was originally doing her errands and that she had to get ready for an hour and a half for me, travel (which I had to do as well) then that was also another part of the reason why I’m not getting any refund back. If you weren’t available, all you had to tell me is ‘i am not available at that time, do you have another time in mind?’ And I either would’ve said yes and given you a different time or gone with another girl.

I’m sorry, that’s completely rude, unprofessional and crap human behaviour.

At the end of this confused rant she wrote ‘don’t ever contact me ever again’.

Wasn’t planning on it.

I’m actually disgusted I fucked this person with this horrible attitude towards people.
Wish I could take it back.

Some may say this is a whiny negative review. There were numerous aspects of the visit to Ezra that were positive, however it’s always unfortunate when some people show you their true colours which are completely different in the end.


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Oh man, I'm sorry for that. That's an ugly story. I don't even understand why people can have such an attitude. That's inappropriate. Thanks for sharing your story. You know I've tried a lot of such services because I have no time for relationships. Is it bad or good? I don't know, but it's the life I live. So I mostly love Russian girls because they are always so cute and good with you. I love their attitude. That's why I often use to call them. That always gives a feeling of proper rest. So, I think people should pay close attention to the reviews and prices. I think the higher the price, the fewer problems you will have. I think it will be useful for people.
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