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Ever wonder why MacDonald's doesn't sell hot dogs?.

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Yes, I have wondered. Hotdogs are popular with kids and adults, and they're cheap to produce, so they'd make a huge profit selling them.


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They feared Ronald McDonald would do inappropriate acts with the almighty wiener.
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MCD has lost tremendous market share. People eat at MCD because of convenience, no longer because of taste or even value. There brand has suffered tremendously, especially in Japan and in China.

KFC overtook MCD in China.

Very poorly managed company.

Opportunity cost.


Hot dogs have a very short shelf life compared to burgers. If they are not consumed immediately, they begin to shrink and change color. Visually, they are unappealing. Hot dogs can't be dressed and wrapped like a burger, they begin to sweat and the bun becomes unpleasantly moist.

People are also more particular about their hot dog garnishes and having to individually dress each one will slow the service down at fast food places a lot.
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