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Europe Trip - Days 3 & 4 Time for a Break

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Day 3- After 14 girls in 2 days between us it was time for a break so we headed south to look at the scenery & also for beer gardens. Ended up in Zurich and then we went on to our Hotel in Lichtenstein. As I pulled up to the hotel there was a loud uproar from the guys was next door to an outdoor beergarden. I checked us in but the guys left their luggage in the car and ran over for some beer.
I joined the guys as the owner came over to the table. I said English and she shook her head No. I mimicked taking a drink and she said "beer?" . I nodded my head and we were served beer. I then mimicked eating and she gave us menus. When she returned we pointed to various items but she seemed confused. She left and came back with the cook , 23 yo Tatiana who was kinda goth and spoke English.
After eating we went inside and partied with the Tatiana , the owner ( never got her name ) and a few other local women that wandered over to join us at our table. Wazz & Tatiana entertained us with some impromptu karaoke using an iphone with a few locals adding a chorus or 2 from across the room. At one point we were discussing the local money and I took out a Canadian bill. The locals couldn't believe it was real money. Wazz and I ended up giving some to the girls as souvenirs.
Just before 11PM Tatiana said she had to leave to catch the last bus home . I reminded the guys that were suppose to visit some Castles in Bavaria the next day . The Guys wanted "one more beer". Since I didn't drink any beer after dinner Wazz volunteered me to drive Tatiana home. We partied on and a few hours later we gave her a ride home and then finally dragged our luggage into our hotel room.

Day 4 - We packed the car and headed to Bavaria to visit some castles and take some pics along the way of the Alps for our cover story of why we went to Germany in the first place. During our long uphill walk to visit Castle Neuschwanstein ( 30+ min) everyone was huffing & puffing so we stopped in a restaurant for some Weizen Beer. Had a great time visiting the castle and got lots of pics for the folks back home.
After that we headed to Innsbruck to check into our hotel. The plan was to freshen up , do a local beer hall and then do a FKK Club. We never got past the beer hall. Too much good beer and food.
As we were walking back to our hotel late that night a young couple on their bikes stopped when they heard us speaking English. The girl, Kristine was from Germany , and she was doable according to the "would you do her game " Wazz & Skip was constantly doing all thru our trip. Her boyfriend Nils was from Finland . We talked for a long while and Kristine gave us names of Beer Halls to visit in Munich, which nobody remembered the next morning. Nils was an Ok guy so we didn't try to hit on Kristine.


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I am only on day 3 and wish I could have been with you guys. Like a dream come true, what a way to live your life man.
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I've been reading and reading plus following your adventures. I must say one day you will pass away and will be called a stud - angel - Super-stud.


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when you were in zurich, you should have definitely made a stop at club globe! this club is the biggest nudist club in switzerland and it's really cool there.
there are about 50-60 pretty ladies every day and the vibe and decor are fantastic!
i was there some years ago and it was just an overall great experience, i came to switerland for work so i had to help myself to get to know the best spots. found the helpful xdate application and it showed me this huge nudist club.
I felt a little apprehensive and curious when I first arrived at the club, as I had never been to a place like this before. As soon as I stepped inside, I was immediately enveloped by a different atmosphere - one of high spirits and pleasure. The club was bustling with activity, with a lively energy that was palpable in the air. I could hear music playing and the sound of laughter coming from the many different rooms and areas inside. As I explored the club more, I was overwhelmed with the number of different options that were available to me. There were various types of sex on offer, from traditional to more daring kinds. I decided to try something that I had never experienced before and opted for a hot sex session with one of the club's beautiful ladies. From the moment the woman opened the door I was instantly aroused. Her curves were irresistible and her eyes sparkled with mischief. We had a passionate and intimate session that lasted for most of the night. We explored each other's bodies, experienced different forms of pleasure, and indulged in all sorts of wild fantasies. It was an unforgettable experience and a night I will never forget. Since then, I have visited the Club Globe a few more times and had equally amazing experiences each time. I have made some wonderful memories and friends, and am looking forward to making more in the near future.


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