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Senor Gomes

Been on hiatus now I am back and no PM from 2k5 thus far to invite me for lunch being the recipient of his TDL. At last I met Erin, not into tall women but made the exception after reading her reviews. Got undressed , hand her the envelope and included the extra for Greek and she modestly agreed after looking at Mr.Gomes :oops: as long as I am gently its a go.

Again won't get into weighty details as UN and 2k5 did the honors. Will confirm that she is a beauty wild DFKer and for a young woman she has mastered the art of BBBJDT, as good as Hailey's. She plays the game like a pro, covered all four bases and the home run was hit way over the fence. Erin is really into sex and will bet the house that she will be a superstar in no time.

Erin's mini portfolio

Demien2k5's TOFTT

Erin in TDL and I am Demien2k5's first choice :eek:

User Name's blast

blood sports

Well-known member
Joined Feb 5, 2010
Messages 63
Solid review SG. Erin's got an amazing ass, sounds like you had a great time pounding it. :)


Welcome back Senor Gomes... Erin sounds like a true gem. Thanks for the review!

Borey the Bald

My guess you have a tiny one Gomes :lol:, OK just kidding.


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Joined Apr 30, 2010
Messages 725
Gomes you make me laugh in a good way, thanks for sharing dude.


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Joined Dec 28, 2009
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Wow, deep-throats cock and enjoys taking it up the ass? My kinda gal!!!!! Thanks for the heads up senor.
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