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Ella @ Sassy's....I'm very grateful

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I decided to see Ella for an outcall this morning, and she just left.

First of all, thanks to Allie and Michelle for being so nice on the phone. Much appreciated!!

This is why I'm so grateful to Ella. I'm presently single in my mid 50's, and I've had real trouble (for the last few yrs), having sexual intercourse with a condom, unless the SP, has very lean abdominals. I've had a lean abdominal fetish for years!! Normally, I just take viagra, and try to see sp's who do CIM.

Too make a long story short, the moment Ella took off her shirt, and showed off her 6 pack abs, I was in heaven!! Ella also has a very pretty face as well, which is an added bonus. In my experience, only about 2-5% of SP's have the lean abdominals, that drive me crazy with excitement. Ella is definitely one of those sp's in that 2-5% range.

We then proceeded to do 69, and then miraculously, I was able to do both CG and then RCG with Ella for about 10 minutes. What a miracle!!

Both Ella and myself were getting a bit tired by this point, so I had to confess to Ella, that I had taken a viagra before the session, and was going to have trouble coming in the condom.

I then went to the washroom, and washed off my junior. I then went back to my bed, and Ella then gave me a very nice BBBJ with BLS. I then proceed to blow a big load, all over the place. I was in such ecstasy, that I didn't even see where my cum went---LOL

I then asked Ella how she developed such lean abs like that. Ella told me that she works out regularly at a club called LA Fitness.

All I can say is thank you Ella and LA Fitness, for helping me to overcome my full service problem. There might be hope for me yet??

I would definitely like to repeat with Ella, even though we didn't have any time to find out about each other, accept on a physical level.

Just to avoid guys PMing me. I have no clue if Ella is new to the industry or not?? I never asked, as I was too pre-occupied looking at Ella's lean abdominals, and pretty face!!
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Excellent detailed review. Excellent that you found someone who met your abdominal fetish!


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Nice review Winslow
The pics of her on the new website are very good.



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Thanks Winslow! i can always count on your reviews to be dependable. Ella sounds like my type. I will make a call asap.


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diner1;n1472866 said:
Thanks Winslow! i can always count on your reviews to be dependable. Ella sounds like my type. I will make a call asap.

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