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Duo Review: Billy [email protected] Escorts Collective, Harley Blake

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Billy Autum
Twitter: @iambillyautumn

Harley Blake
Twitter: @TheHarleyBlake

The Ladies
I had exchanged some brief hellos with Billy at a few parties and chatted a bit online via Twitter. But this was my first time seeing them in a session. They has a number of photos on their web site and Twitter to give you an idea of their looks. The photos don't completely capture their warm eyes and ... that booty!! If you think their booty looks amazing in photos, in person it is even more impressive. And touching that behind gave me a serious case of magnet hands - I just couldn't pull them away. One of the most amazing bums I've had the good fortune to touch. I had create some new compound adjectives to describe how amazing their butt felt.
Ridonkulass - Ridiculous badonkadonk ass
Fantabulass - Fantastic fabulous ass
Equally impressive were the efforts behind the scenes they made to ensure everything went smoothly. Billy offered to host at their incall location when I originally booked. Turned out unbeknownst to me the original incall location fell through and they had to scramble to find a new location the day before. Very professionally handled as they updated me with the new area for the incall with plenty of advance notice. Now originally I had booked a trio, but the morning of the appointment the third lady had to cancel. Billy was very accommodating and responsive as we discussed options. Nikki from Allegra even offered to fill in which was a tempting offer and shows some of the support Allegra has for its members. In the end we decided on a shorter duo session with Harley until we managed to reschedule the original trio. Again Billy was incredibly helpful working through this unexpected change. We both managed to joke a bit back and forth to help keep the mood light. No need letting hiccups along the way spoil what otherwise should be a fun time.

I've been fortunate enough to spend time with Harley on a number of occasions (see some of my previous reviews). She has supermodel type looks as evidenced from her web site and Twitter. She also has a heart of gold and an amazing smile and laugh to match. She's not seeing new clients according to her Twitter or working often at the moment. But when I reached out about a possible trio she was excited and glad I contacted her. The beautiful ladies deserve most of the credit for that I think. Like Billy, Harley handled the last minute changes professionally and remained enthusiastic about our get together which kept the mood in the fun zone.

The Session
I'm always early so I let the ladies know I was nearby and they let me know everything was good on their end which helped calm any fears of further monkey wrenches in the day's plans. Found the incall location easily and headed up once they indicated they were ready. Warmly greeted at the door my these two lovely ladies dressed in some sexy lingerie. Billy and Harley get along well as I could hear them talk and laugh while I was freshening up. One of the reasons I wanted to see them in a duo. Went into the bedroom and hopped between these two ladies in bed with a big grin on my face. Some back and forth kissing between us all to start off. Lingerie is quickly removed to allow further exploring of these ladies sexy bodies, both by me and them of each other. I couldn't get over Billy's butt when I first touched it. I was completely in awe how sexy and firm those cheeks were. Billy was also a great sport in going along with my obsession over Harley's belly button as we kissed it for good luck.

Started off by tasting both ladies for a bit before they turned their focus on me. While one lady either went down or rode me the other would lay beside me to watch (the mirror near the bed was great for viewing angles) while pleasuring themselves. It was incredibly erotic especially when they would comment on what the other was doing or how hot it looked. A little kissing and cuddling at the end and my time was up all too soon. Individually an hour is probably not enough for either lady, but definitely too short in a duo. Quick clean up and it was time for exchanging a few kisses and till we meet again as I headed out.

I'd recommend both ladies either individually or in a duo. I will be repeating soon with both of them as we reschedule our originally planned trio.
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