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Double Education ~An Erotic Tale By Jessica Rain

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Jessica Rain

Joined Aug 12, 2014
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Being a teenager with the sex drive that I had was very difficult. One night stands in high school would get you labelled out quickly. I quickly learned that masturbation was going to be my only outlet for a while. By 19, I didn't want to rely on masturbation all the time anymore. Not for the type of play I had been dying to have.

I never thought the day would come where I would be liberated from the mainstream feelings that a girl is to stay home and help mom baking. It was a very awkward situation at first but ended up being one of the most memorable times of my life.

I was a freshman in college with a major assignment due. I was pretty stressed out about and to make matters worse, I was back in my hometown for the summer holiday long weekend. I had no time and of course, I forgot to bring some of my research material. Trying to search the net, like anything else in the house, was impossible, Too many people talking and laughing, kids running up and down the halls. I needed to get out. I needed to go to the library I had been experimenting with the types of masturbating I would do, but I loved to explore the use of toys the most. Feeling very horny on this afternoon in the library, I thought I would be a little daring. I was in a room on my own working on the computer, so I pulled my panties off and start to slowly play with myself. Just a little. Teasing my clit with some light pressure rolling around on my clit.

It was feeling good. Very good but not enough. So, I got out my newly purchased dildo, lubed it up and started to slowly stroke my pussy with it, inserting just the tip. In and out, in and out, Slowly and smoothly. Pressing up just enough to put pressure on my g-spot and I continued, in and out. It was feeling so good that I wanted more. I got out my new vibrator and started playing with my clit, teasing it a little, and unnerving it a bit, making myself wetter and wetter. All sly under the desk. Exposed. Out there in public, in view, if anyone came into the room.

Taking my dildo out of my now very wet pussy, I found my way to my ass. No need for lube, I had made that dildo plenty wet enough. Slowly I put just the tip of that dildo in my ass and held it there patiently. Torturing and pleasing myself at the same time with no amount of movement at all. I put the vibrator back on my clit. Start rocking my hips back and forth against the toy in my ass and the toy on my clit. My pussy was dying for something. If she could scream for mercy, she would have.

Then I heard it…footsteps down the hall coming my way. Fast! Clack, Clack, Clack of hard heels and then the door flew open and the librarian stormed in. I was in trouble. Big Trouble!

"You need to follow me to the office," she demanded.

"Why? Is something wrong?" I asked, hoping she would think my blushed cheeks where from surprise and not something else.

"I don't know" she huffed, "I was just told to come and get you. Leave your things and follow me. Now."

I had to leave my stuff in the room including my panties that were still on the floor under the desk I was using.

I followed the elderly lady with her tight bun of grey hair, down the long hallway. All you could hear is the clack clack clack of her shoes. I am following closely behind, freaking out of course. All while I have a single bead of my own wetness, on the verge of running straight down my leg.

She opened the double oak doors to an office, with a large desk in the center, books all around and 2 gentlemen, off to the side by the TV. One of the gentlemen gave the librarian a nod and she quickly and quietly left, closing the doors behind her.

"We have been informed that you were acting inappropriately in the computer room." Said the first man, as he walked over to the chair behind the desk.
"I don't understand what you are talking about", I said. Growing redder in the cheeks by each passing second.

"You were enacting sexual activities miss. Do you have anything to say." Said the second man. His voice was stern but slightly raspy at the same time. It gave off the illusion of seduction.

"Yes, I do. I mean, no I don't. I mean I didn't do anything. I was alone." I said. Fumbling my words the whole time.

"We have you on tape," said the first man who was now seated at the desk. and he motioned to the second man to put the tape in. My heart dropped……
There was a hidden camera and I never even knew it!

The tape went in and there it was. Me pulling down my panties, and lifting up my skirt. Playing with myself, rocking back and forth, as I was getting more and more excited. Putting in one finger, then two. I could see on the tape my pussy getting wetter and wetter, see me pulling out my dildo from my backpack, lubing it up and replacing my fingers with the plastic dick. Stroking slowly at first, then faster and faster. Getting even wetter, and without skipping a beat, getting my vibrator out and playing with my clit. Taking my dildo out and putting in my wet ass.

My pussy was still throbbing from the almost orgasm and now seeing myself on camera, I was as horny as ever. It was exciting to see myself, but I noticed I was not the only one getting excited. The gentlemen by the TV kept trying to stand off tot he side and with his legs kind of crossed, while the other man just sat there with a tent rising in his pants. Seen clear as day through his pants and I don't think he cared. I know I didn't. I only cared about what was going to happen next

"Ok," I said, "I am busted, now what?"

"Well, we have to talk about this," Said the first man, " This is unacceptable behaviour."

"So I guess a threesome now is out of the question then too right?"

Oh, did I just say that out loud? I couldn't have, but by the look on their faces, I knew I must have. And now I had no choice but to keep going with it. If not I was screwed, and not in the way my pussy was currently begging for.

With no options left, I sat back in my chair a bit further and lift my skirt ever so slightly. I start to rub the inside of my leg all the way up my wet pussy, and said, "I can handle both of you, I know I can, but do you think you could handle me?"

The two just looked at each other for a second and they both knew what they were about to do. The man behind the desk gave the second man the nod so slight, it was barely noticeable. But he got the message loud and clear. He went to the door and locked it.

Both men came at me with hungry eyes. Like two hungry animals trying to decide who was going to take what part of their prey. They both started to take my blouse off, lifting my skirt higher.

The first man from the desk got on his knees and started licking my juicy pussy. Licking and nibbling, and playing away. The second man came to me with his pants down and a nice big hard on that I could not resist.

I grabbed his hard cock and started sucking. Sucking hard. I was eager for it, wanted it, needed it. I grabbed onto his balls and massaged them in my hand while I continued to suck hard up and down and his throbbing dick.

I was feeling so good, I was getting my pussy licked and finger fucked by a man who knew what he was doing. He licked and played with my clit while stroking me with his figures, in and out. Playfully like I was a kitten playing with string.

I was in ecstasy. The tape was still playing. I was watching myself on the screen fucking both my holes with toys and that is what I wanted. Except I wanted it live and real.

I got up from the chair and moved to the desk. I took the second man and laid him down and got on top. My pussy was so wet, his cock just slid in. I was bouncing up and down on this dick harder and harder. Slapping my body down on him and taking him in as deep as I could. The first man stood beside me and I start stroking his shaft. I leaned over to suck on the just the head while I continued to stroke the shaft. He leaned over and started to fingering my ass. Then licking it, getting it all wet and ready for him. His friend still pushing is cock deep inside me.

"I was to feel you both inside me," I said, "I am ready for it."

The first man came around behind me. He put his dick in slowly at first, teasing my ass with his head. Just a little in and out. His friend underneath me still fucking me, pushing as deep as he could with each thrust. I was getting closer and closer to cumming. Then I felt this huge cock fully in my ass. Fucking it hard.

I had it now, both men inside me, giving me every pleasure possible. I almost couldn't stand it, I was going wild. I backed up farther to feel both men deeper still.

"I am going to cum, don't stop!! Make me cum" I kept shouting and the more I shouted, the hard they fucked me."I am cumming, Oh god, I am cumming." And cum I did. Hard, and just soaking me, them, the desk. It was amazing.

Both men were so close as well and my screams of joy put them right over the edge. They pulled out and shot two huge loads all over my shaking quivering body.

We all collapsed on the desk to catch our breath. After I few minutes, I got up and cleaned myself off. I got dressed.

"Thank you, gentlemen, you really know how to make a girl feel like a woman," I said. I grabbed the tape out of the VCR and walked out. I went back to my computer room and collected my panties from under the desk, grabbed my backpack and started out the door.

At the desk, one of the gentlemen still a little flush was standing with the librarian. She looks at me and asked if everything was okay. I said yes, there was a little trouble but I learned my lesson.

"What lesson was the dear?" she asked.

"Never send a boy to do a mans job," I said. I gave a wink to the gentleman at the counter and got my little butt out of there.

I never went back to that library, and I never even got the names of the two men but I truly became a woman that day and my sex life has been great ever since.


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Joined Dec 29, 2011
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Jessica, you have a future in writing. Have you tried that route for a profession?.


Senior Member
Joined Aug 17, 2011
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You do have talent. Give a few of your materials to a publisher.

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