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Well Gentlemen:

My Buddy Rayden must be rubbing off on me (get her kak off me dude!!). My quest for new talent ended with a posting from Ron of and he had a new girl Donna starting

...Donna - *NEW GIRL* Only once in a while do you come across a girl like this one in this industry... 22 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, total spinner type, 5'2" and 105 lbs, 34B-24-34, Eastern European background, GFE.... So hot that when I met with her at Starbucks I swear the barista drooled in my coffee!!! (Please Inquire about Special TOFTT Rate and sorry no pictures yet) Location: Downtown

...Whoa..BOING, likey spinners...oh my, and what a classic description of one!

So I emailed Ron and he got back to me promptly. I was booked in and all I could do was wait in anticipation to try out some new talent...mmm mmm gooood.

SP Day!! YAY!! Arrive at the incall location and got the room number, now before I go in to detail, this was the first time I spoke with Ron and we had been going back and forth on email regarding his new girls, but our schedules never minced. This guy is a barrel of laughs! Almost made me feel as good as a good session with an SP, and I didn't have to get naked!! LOL!

Anyway back to pussy. I knock on the door and standard David Copperfield moves; door closes POOF!... SP. TADAH!! Wow, Donna is tiny! Very very very cute with a great EE accent thrown in. If I were to describe her in one word, Waif. We made our introductions and she was quite shy...oh man, be still my boner. Donation taken care of and she asks if I'd like to shower; I just came from a meeting, then the gym so I was pretty fresh but I wanted to have one just to make her feel better BUT, I wanted a taste of her lips before I went to scrub up. So we embraced and not 2 seconds later a furious DFK that knocked me off my feet and luckily the bed was close. She is so tiny that with me sitting down on the bed and her standing in front of me, she didn't have to bend down and at all! Man can this girl kiss with passion. Groping around her ass, I could fit both cheeks in to one hand. I could feel her wetness and moved her panties aside for some digits....nicey niiiice. Panties off and she props a leg up on the bed so I can have easier access to her kitty...mmm mmm mmm. That's it, I roll her on to the bed on her back and go down for DATY. Sweet and tasty, nice meaty labia, always a bonus when performing DATY. I'm a bit of monster with DATY and I wasn't letting up; very responsive and brought her to O. I stand up and look down at her and see her biting her lip, "Wow.." hehehehe yay me (again). I asked her if she liked that and she responded with "payback is gonna be sweet" Shit, I just about broke my zipper.

Off come my clothes and we could hardly contain ourselves. BBBJ was performed with DT!!! OMFG :eek:. As I was laying back, I had to sit up and look down at this little minx to see if it wasn't one of my ATF's, watching her take all of my cock, hold it, stick her tongue out and lick my balls made me harder and harder at every stroke! She never let up until I got her in to 69 so we could both enjoy a snack. More oral and more oral, I was just about ready to blow but I wanted some more of that DFK, so I got her to straddle me so I could taste both of us at the same time...fuck me!

Time for the main event. Cover goes on and CG is applied...nice and snug. She rides hard and grinds me furiously. I grab her ass and hold her in tight for the cervical examination...hehehe. Roll her over in mish and Boston Crab (aka folding chair is it's officially known I think), and give her a light pounding. She feels really really nice. As she is enjoying it more I slow things down for a gentle lovers Mish possish and she wraps her legs around me and a gentle passionate fuck for a while...jeezus, almost blow my load again...NOPE! I get back up and go sideways mish on her and my release snuck up on me...DAMMIT!! Nice workout...clock check..7 minutes to go, no time for round 2 for this hour trip.

Chatted for a bit and she told me a little bit about herself, talked about our tats, yada yada yada..a wonderful time with Donna.

Shallow shit:

Donna is a really cute EE. She is a true spinner in the consensus. She doesn't have a tight body but there isn't an ounce of fat on this girl. The B's felt more like A's to me. When I picked her up, I thought she might slip through my fingers/arms. Two tats. Lip and tongue piercing which made the BBBJ fucking awesome!! Beautiful face, eyes and smile.

Donna and I hit it off really well.

Repeat...Yes. dick is gonna fall off from all this hobbying. Sucks to be me.


Damn bro your reviews just get better and better, great DFK and a spinner.
BBBJ was performed with DT!!! OMFG, no joke there?. are you suuuure. :!:


Beenthere123 said:
Damn bro your reviews just get better and better, great DFK and a spinner.
BBBJ was performed with DT!!! OMFG, no joke there?. are you suuuure. :!:

Dude, I don't want to compare her BBBJ/DT skills to anyone, but OMFG, I was in heaven!! I seriously looked down to see if it was ________ and sure as shit, it wasn't.


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Wow, gotta book Donna, now.

I did try to book her on Monday. She was fully booked, well almost . . . Ron was nice enough to advise me to see her another day.


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You better wrap that dick of yours in ICE!:lol: Excellent review BRO!
Joined Dec 7, 2009
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Thanks for the review. Can't wait to see photos.

I've always liked dealing with Ron back when he was with DM. He knew my taste in ladies and his recommendations for me were usually spot on.


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nice review Ice...I was actually debating about going to see her based on what Ron told I'll have to add her to my TDL. Does she do GFE or PSE?


Well well well: spinner, DFK and DT? I'm sold. If she's as hot as y'all say, I may have a new fave! In any event I've already called Ron for my appointment. Review to follow!

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