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Who watched the movie 2 nights ago with Al pacino as the Dr.?. What are your thoughts on his beliefs?

Dr. Jack Kevorkian is nearly synonymous with mercy killing. The doctor took on the end of life debate with his Mercy Machine, as he assisted suicides. Jack Kevorkian, now 81, served nine years in prison for his cause of the patient's right to die with dignity. The controversial doctor is now out of prison and living in Michigan.

Atotrney Geoffrey Fieger provided legal counsel and representation to Kevorkian pro bono for years. Fieger maintained that Jack’s legal woes were a civil rights issue and therefore not subject to charge. It is doubtful that the doctor could have paid the legal fees anyway because he did not charge his patients for his services. He also paid for the materials used in the procedures out of his own pocket.



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Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been known as "Dr. Death" since at least 1956, when he conducted a study photographing patients' eyes as they died. The man was on a mission.


If there is no cure what so ever, The Doctor, you your partner all know you are going to die. I would pull the plug.


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Beenthere123 said:
If there is no cure what so ever, The Doctor, you your partner all know you are going to die. I would pull the plug.

BT I would do the same.


Dying with dignity.

Personal story:

My parents were sick for over 20 years. Mom: 3x cancer(pancreatic), double by-pass, strokes, borderline diabetic, rhematoid arthritis, osteoporis. Dad: quadrupil by-pass, pacemaker, defibrilator attached to heart, rhematoid arthritis.

Here's the story: my father was admitted into one hospital in June 04 in cardiac failure-his legs had so much fluid in them that he wasn't ever going to walk on his own again. My mother was admitted into a different hospital in July 04 ruptured spleen and the cancer had spread.
I wasn't sure if they would ever see one another again! and the October was to be their 50th.

My mother's surgeon told me to make arrangements; it could be a day, week or month. Mom always being a rock said to me, "Son, I don't want to even try to fight anymore." I made arrangements to get her home as that was what she wanted. Now, I have to tell my dad. I informed the doctor, nurses and social worker on the ward what was happening and that I had to talk with my dad. I was concerned that he would go into failure with this news. Here's comes my dad bootin' around in his wheelchair and we enter the sunroom. He knew that I was meeting with mom's doctor earlier that day, so we're looking out the window on this sunny August day in 04 that was going to become very clouded and dark. I told my dad the news and we just sat in the sunroom holding hands for awhile.

Within two weeks, they were both home preparing for the next world. There are so many incidents that occured during this journey to list. They were terrified of being put into care, and I wasn't having that anyway. I had to open our home to perfect strangers (bayshore healthcare) I'll call them perfect angels.
My parents joyfully celebrated their 50th with all the accolades warranted; it was a great day! From there, mom went downhill.

Our family doctor, her partners and residents were available 24/7 and they made housecalls 2x per week (God bless them), our pharmacist came to the house to ensure that I knew what each medication was for, frequency, etc. They both had docettes with over 100 pills weekly plus pain medications. The priest attended our home 2x weekly for communion and prayer. One particular neighbour was on the emergency call list and we had lifeline installed. Lets say that I was on a first name basis with all the firefighters and medics in our area.

Prior to my mom really turning for the worst. Our lawyer attended our home as my parents assigned POA to me as they couldn't do it for each other. Our doctor finally sat me down and she said, "She's ready to move on, it's time to stop the meds and go strictly with pain meds." I had real trouble with this, but I knew she was suffering, my dad was suffering and I was struggling. Now picture this, they are in separate rooms across the hall from each other in hospital beds. I'm sitting in the hallway and we're having the family discussion. (shakin' my head at the memory). The i.v. morphine was hooked up and my mom passed away within 72 hours. My dad passed away 3.5 years later, but I knew what to do when the time was right, although sad, I didn't want him to suffer anymore.

They passed away in their home with their son holding their hands. They gave me life, and so much more, I was honoured to give my best friends their last wish. To pass away at home with dignity.

My parents died of natural causes. I wouldn't judge anyone for choosing to end their life when they're doomed to palliative scenarios. Why allow the suffering? We show mercy to animals and relieve their misery. I would prefer quality over quantity of life.

Additionally, I wouldn't suggest to anyone to take on the palliative caregiver role; it's takes such a toll on one's health in all facets. I'm glad that I did it, but I don't think I could ever do it again.

The hospital that he was in had a sun room and you could see the CN tower from it.


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Thanks for sharing HOF. My review of you stands: You are a great man.
I always feel for your loss and am glad that your parents lead happy lives and moved on without pain.

I am all for removing pain.
It is also very common medical practice that once everything has been done in addition to a terminal prognosis that pallative care is initiated. The patient is made aware of their situation and upon consent/discussion etc., is given the choice to continue on with only pain meds until demise.


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HOF said:
Dying with dignity.

We show mercy to animals and relieve their misery

Same ought to be for human beings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts you are a superb human being.


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rileyroyal said:
I missed it damn it . I wanted to see it.

I saw it, opened my eyes to reality and the suffering the sick have to go through. Hof thanks for sharing.

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