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Do you say to others. I have to check with the boss first? (Meaning your SO)

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It has been coming out lately in conversations or when there are plans to be made. We all know we have to beep our spouses happy and let them believe (In some cases it's true) they are the bosses in the house and when plans have to be made. But I am getting tired of woosies (Men) saying it out loud.

Guys, guys, keep it to yourself. Don't come across as pussy wept.

Rant over.


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I ain't no woos but mke sure she knows she is the boss.

Sex is so much better when she feels important.


Sometimes it's just a cop out...blame the wife is easier than saying "I don't want to hang with you today."


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Don't women want to be treated as equals?.

Then you can't call them boss.
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Don't women want to be treated as equals?.

Then you can't call them boss.

Women only want to be treated as equals when it benefits them. Not when it doesn't. Ask your wife to help you build a deck and she will prefer that you don't. Ask your wife to do the other side of a brake job on your car and she will prefer that you don't treat her as an equal. When something is heavy, 98% of the time, your wife will proclaim that it is too heavy.


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When you marry you become a team...and as such, you should be able to communicate about your activities. It's not so much "permission" as it is just checking in to see if it works for the team. She does the same with me. If you just do whatever you want, then what are you really saying to that other person.
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