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Do you believe that God exist?

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I can't say exactly because sometimes i feel that god is there and great due to some happenings and sometimes i feel that god is not there.

What do you feel?


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I dont feel anything about that but I hope hookers still would be exist at where ever we go after we died.

Tgirl Nikki



I consider myself an agnostic. I tried being an atheist, but I gave it up when I realized I couldn't disprove God's existence.

There's three things I'm pretty sure of:

1) If a higher power were responsible for creating the universe, I don't think our limited brains are anywhere near capable of understanding such a power, let alone communicating with it.

2) If a higher power does exist, She sure as hell isn't impressed at the ridiculous things we do in Her name.

3) People can believe whatever they want, as long as they don't use those beliefs as an excuse to tell me how to live.

(Wishful thinking, I know...) :roll:


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I believe God exists.

I also believe Nikki is's too big a concept for us to really wrap our minds around. And I think God cries at the horrible things done in the name of religion. And, judging other people (other than for malicious acts) isn't cool.




If there was a god, there would be no disease, illness, suffering, violence and war.


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A man made God

A man made God

Truth be known we made gods up to so we could blame them for what we chose to do.
WE don't want to take responsibility for our own shit that we make happen , allow to happen , and do nothing to stop.

When it comes down to it we are the God of our own Heven and Hell ..
To think that there is a entity that pacifically created a universe for Man alone is only a sign of small minds and maybe mankind's insanity.

There are forces out side of the physical seances that we rely on there seem to be things that have happened that make us believe so But shopuld we build alters to Gods because of it ,, NO! But Men have because we are a afraid . We are afraid to to believe we are a lone , have to do this all by our selve , solve the problems of survival .

Admittedly it is tough to be with out help or hope in some situations ,, but never the less it ultimately it is each off us as individuals or as a group ,that must rally our own strength to over come or we parish.. That is where hope and beleif in an un knowen god of our own makeing ,some times comes in handy to make use think that we have a helping had , ,that victory does not depend on us alone , and with those beliefs we seem to be able to draw on a strength out side of our consciousness and physical being that makes it possible to do what we though impossible . Is it GOD?


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Too many horrific events happen in the world that proves to me the absence of a higher power.


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I dont think God exist either.

" If you want to see God, go look at the mirror "


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God, Buddha, Alla, Ram all has to do with believing in something. You have to have faith and to do that you must believe in one higher up being.


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I didn't believe in God until a couple of years ago . Then I got a blowjob from Candy - ex Mirage . I swear at one point I heard bugles and saw a bright light and thought only a higher being could have created the circumstances for such an experience.

The Dean

This topic always brings another question with it. If there is no God, where did we come from?


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Lauren Summerhill

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mastermind said:

I can't say exactly because sometimes i feel that god is there and great due to some happenings and sometimes i feel that god is not there.

What do you feel?

An interesting thread. I take great interest in religion, faith-based life and spiritual culture.

I decided in the end, it is totally irrelevant whether or not God exists, becaus the answer does not change the way I live my life. I need to look no father then the eyes of the stranger next to me on the subway to see why I must be good to my fellow human beings. I see the value of culture and civilization, which provide us the chance to live a dignified life.

Ultimatly I do believe in a great connector between all creation and sentiant life. However, I believe it is foolish to assume we can believe what it desires. I do not believe it's God's job to give our life meaning, like a pretty little gift meant to be unraveled. That is too easy, too much like a spoiled child. Part of life's purpose is for us
to find and build our own meaning.

I also believe that with God giving us free will, that means Divintiy cannot get involved even to help us. We are always free, for better or worse. When horrible things happen to us, I feel God's heart is the first to break with sadness.

I believe the value of faith-based living is only to teach how to live an examined life, as a life unexamined is a life that has been wasted.


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Lauren does outline a very good way to look at life and how to treat others. I believe that you do feel at piece with yourself when respecting others.

On the other hand do I believe, sure there is some doubt but basically no I don't believe in a higher power. My decision comes from much research into the different religions. What crossed my mind is, since everyone has a different point of view hence the multiple religions then what is to say that anyone is right. There is no evidence so its up to your feelings on interpretation.

Did anyone know that GOD actually stands for Generator Operator Destroyer.

Since there is huge differences between the Old and New Testament Bibles it does raise some questions. In actual fact, the bible is a history book. This book has been changed to suit the current world powers at the time to suit their needs/empower their leaders. What is to say that so much has changed that very little original fact is left. Very much similar to the experiment where you have a circle of 20 people and the 1st person starts a thought and passes to the right and it keeps going person to person until at the end an entirely different meaning comes out. Thats only 20 people, what about 2000 years with some really self serving factions.

These are my issues with religion, however everyone must decide for themself to whats important to them in life.
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