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Dive Bars, My FAVE

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Joined Jun 3, 2010
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So, I like dive bars. I always have, right from the age of majority.

There are a ton of reasons why I like a dive bar or a little hole in the wall as opposed to a bigger, more done up place. I will share some of those reasons, but the main one being that I always have a good time, and the people are always nice (customers and staff).

Does anyone else have an appreciation for the dive bar?

Why is it better (or not) than a larger pub or club? Why do you like it (or hate it)?

What is your dive bar like?



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Looney said:
Never heard of dive bars, what exactly is it?.

You do not know what a dive bar is? is:
- Not classy
- sketchy bathrooms (cracked toilet seat...ouch!)
- ratio of customers who want a beer and customers who want to shank you is 1:1
- has a jukebox
- has a surly bartender who is tired of life
- chipped glassware (on occasion)
- pool tables with worn felt, cue or eight ball occasionally missing
- old guys playing euchre
- decor is conspicuously absent

You know, a "Dive"!


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There aren't any around me any more, they're all going upscale.

I prefer a dive bar, it's more relaxing for everyone and the price of a beer is usually much cheaper. No need to dress up too much.
The waitresses are always more down-to-earth as well.

Even dive strip joints are good if the women are friendly. I miss Caesars in the east end.


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Easily the best I’ve been to is Checkpoint Charlie's in New Orleans.

Live bands of questionable talent, bartender that hands out plastic or glass depending on the patrons’ condition, the requisite pool tables, a door that doesn't close properly, and a laundry area; all with a nice easy going New Orleans vibe.
Was there once and got chatting with a guitar player in the band. He asked what kind of music we liked, what we had seen, what we wanted to see, etc. When he heard we wanted to catch some funk he told us to go to another bar where a great funk line up was playing; right now! New Orleans is that kind of place; where a band member sends you to a different place half way through his set!

a 1 player

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randygirl said:
Where are they? Why do you like them?

Both of them have been around forever, and are both live music clubs. Great atmosphere, eclectic patrons, rundown, yet safe to be in.

Horseshoe is on Queen St. W. @ Spadina

El Macambo is on Spadina @ College

Holy shit!!! Looks like they have renovated the Combo. Fuck!


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a 1 player said:
Holy shit!!! Looks like they have renovated the Combo. Fuck!

And, pay attention folks...this is the reaction when you discover your favorite dive bar is no longer a dive!

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