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Joined Nov 15, 2009
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I got back from holiday and made a quick call to Harvi to see who she had available to play. Dior was available, and as I'd met her at the VIP party in January, she seemed a good choice. For those who haven't met her, her pictures are quite accurate, and her face quite attractive.

She greeted me at the door in a minidress, and led me to a bedroom. After a brief introductory chat, I discovered that she was not wearing panties. It was all fun and games from there.

The kissing was light, and all the basic positions were comfortable. She is very good with her mouth and her hands, and paid close attention to what was working for me, ultimately delivering me to an intense orgasm.

Conversation was friendly and comfortable as we quickly found a common interest. Our bodies fit together fairly well, making for a comfortable bit of cuddling while we chatted. All in all, a good session.


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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Thanks for the info Yark. Think I'll try her next. She looks great


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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Thanks Yark, I will give her a call when i am in the area next time too.


Joined Nov 15, 2009
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bigcockrandy said:
Nice one dude CBJ or BBBJ?.

I don't believe she offers BBBJ, and if she did, I'm not in the habit of buying extras, particularly not the first time I see a girl.


Guest upsell on the BBBJ...not even a chance of a YMMV huh? Shame, but thanks for the review dude.
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