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IN-Call Demi @ Bliss - WOW!

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Knight Rider

Well-known member
Joined Nov 14, 2009
Messages 1,471
After seeing Demi's pics and reading 4Times review, she immediately went to the top of my TDL. I decided that I had to see this girl. Early this afternoon, I called up Bliss and spoke to Mike and he was great on the phone and very professional. He scheduled me in for an early evening appointment at a hotel near the airport and gave me a friendly warning to make sure I have some vitamins before seeing her.

At the scheduled time, I arrived at the location. Once I got the confirmation, I hopped on the elevator and was off to the races. I will explain in a bit. Anyway, I did the knock, knock on the door and when it was opened a beautiful brunette emerged from behind it and invited me in. Damn she looked so fine! A Nelly Furtado look a like IMHO. She was about 5' 8", with a great rack and a very tight body in a sexy black dress that just totally enhanced her contours and some heels. I was speechless for a couple of seconds, then I finally found my voice and introduced myself. She immediately threw her arms around me and gave me a very sensual kiss on the lips and we groped each other for a bit before I broke away to get to the shower.

I came out in my towel and she was already lying naked on the bed. Wow, she looked so hot. Very toned body, big rack - 34DD, nice butt and she did have some tats, but they were very nicely done and she was sporting a California tan. Little Junior immediately stood at attention. It had the makings of a successful outing and the party had not yet begun.

Lets just say, the hour was one of the most intense, sexually charged hours of my life and I am not kidding. She really loves sex and is very energetic and it shows. We went through several positions on almost every piece of furniture in that room. Demi's riding skills (CG, RCG) are incredible and her oral skills are legendary, hands free jackhammer with perfect suction that gave me an incredible sensation. Her boobs were so soft and it was such a joy when she squeezed them together and allowed little Junior to slide between them. Demi's favourite position was doggie and we did a couple of variations of it. One was with her leaning over the bed and the other with her against the chair. She was very expressive during both and enthusiastically encouraged me to continue. The CIM finish was out of this world and I was seeing stars before the volcano erupted and when it was over, I was a spent shell and just lay very still on my back like a sack of potatoes. I think she nudged me to make sure that I was still alive. LOL!

Besides the great looks, Demi has an awesome personality. She is a very warm and friendly person who has a very pretty smile and such a great sense of humour. We spoke for a while and she was a very good conversationalist. She is the type of person that you could speak to for hours and never get bored.

Anyway, time was up and I was sweating from every pore in my body, so I quickly jumped in the shower, dried off and got dressed. Demi gives me several big hugs and sensual kisses before I walked out of the door like a cowboy. The hotel guests were looking at me a bit funny as I slowly made my way through the lobby to the parking lot. It seemed that little Junior got a bit more work than he bargined for. All in all, it was a great experience. Good times were had by all. The damage was $250 for the hour. The hotel room was very clean with lots of supplies. Parking at the location was very convient. Would I see Demi again? In a heartbeat. Kudos to Mike, who made sure that the appointment went very smoothly without any hitches and to 4Times for bringing her to my attention and giving me some excellent advice by PM.

Peace guys.



Well-known member
Joined Mar 11, 2010
Messages 306
Wow Kick ass review KR. neither one of us are getting repeat visits now. I stayed for 1.5 Hours which I would recommend. One hour just doesn't cut it with Demi.

_ _

Well-known member
Joined Dec 14, 2009
Messages 432
king21 said:
KR, you and 4Xs is a killing me! another to put on TDL ,trying to really slowdown! is Bliss downtown?

KR, excellent review. I think Demi is going to shoot to the top of alot of Caerfites' TDL. Nicely done.


Demi is a stunner and a lot of fun when I saw her when she was at TP. Welcome to club Demi KR.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
She looks incredible. Great review KR. Demi is very inciting.
I think i need some Demi in my life.


Well-known member
Joined Jan 28, 2010
Messages 899
Oh mama what a body she has and service to boot, thanks KR got wood.

x t c

Well-known member
Joined Jan 9, 2010
Messages 87
Hot review dude. I've also demi and agree that she's a high-octane fuck with a great bod. Defintely repeat worthy.

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