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In this day and age, cell phones aren’t really just an accessory anymore – they’re more of a component to everybody’s every day life. Most people tend to feel “naked” or even unsafe if they don’t have their phones with them or when it dies when a charger isn’t nearby. Cell phones are now seen as a necessity.

Since most people keep their entire lives in their cell phones, it’s easy to say that some of us have some stuff stored that we don’t want others to see. Whether it be pictures, videos, or messages – sometimes it’s just best that people don’t snoop around in each other’s phones and discover something they didn’t want to.

One of the most common running jokes when it comes to relationships is that men and women always hide things from each other in their phone. Some people accuse their significant others of having a pass code on their phones, seeing it as a way to “hide” something. Unfortunately, there’s usually a time in a relationship where a woman is going to want to see what you’ve got hidden in your phone. You might be acting distant, or maybe you’re always attached to your phone – whatever it is, she’s going to want to know and you’re going to have to admit it.

The best piece of advice that can be given is to stay faithful in a relationship. Don’t hide things in your phone and don’t toy with people’s feelings.

If you decide to ignore that advice; here are 15 things that she could find in your phone that could lead to a break-up.



I don't have anyone else reading my phone
But I do like to keep my computer pretty clean because I use it for work

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