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Debate do we really need the G8/G20 circus

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Joined Feb 25, 2010
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Here is one persons POV, what is yours.

Despite all the headaches brought on by the summit, there are still very good reasons why the G8/G20 process shouldn’t be dismissed.There's no question that this is one expensive event (really? $1 billion?) and unfortunately it's also been given a spectacular visual symbol in the creation of a faux Muskoka, complete with a $57,000-artificial lake and imported majestic pine trees.

Neither is there any question that security and budget considerations will keep people away from Toronto rather than providing an economic upside — at least in the short term.Then there's all the legitimate debate about whether or not the G8/G20 agenda is meaningful and whether that many leaders with that many different perspectives can make any progress on any issues.


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I understand the need for the summit but how many hungry children can we feed with 1.2 bil.


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How does it work with the summit locations, do the Countries make bids or its chosen by a committee ?


$57,000-artificial lake. I don't get that one, why bother with it?.


This is the UN building in New York

and this is the UN building in Geneva

why the fuck does any country need to spend a dime
just go have your meeting at one of these two fine locations.

we are closed for the week 'cause of this bullshit
we will make no money
we have to pay the landlord
and staff will get full pay
since we make nothing the money has to come from somewhere

the quarterly bonus will go to ZERO
and the annnual bonus will be reduced

this means discretionary spending is reduced.

LADIES this means YOU ....... you are discretionary spending.



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Well, yes, they are a headache and yes, a LOT of the money being spent only goes to select industries, but at last count I heard they needed 30,000 hotel rooms. No matter what you say, 30,000 hotel rooms x 120.00 a night x 3 nights, that's what, $10M right there? Plus all the food being consumed and yeah, the Cdn government spent over a Billion but that money is being spent directly into the economy instead of some stupid grant or rebate program where you have to have 1000 administrators on payroll for a year and have to fill out forms up the yahoo.

One issue I have with people saying things like: how many children will that feed? That's fine, and hunger is a shame considering the huge amount of food we throw out every minute of every day. But feeding a child does nothing. Teaching a people how to farm effectively, control their population, etc etc is a much better way of spending the money......

WHat's that saying? feed a man a meal and he eats once, Teach him how to fish and he eats everyday......
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