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DAY 3 Stepahanie@Vogue

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Saturday morning, party hang over day!

Thinking who who who....text Saphire from Indy luck..some Toronto horn dog beat me to my Katie Parry look a like....I'm in a depression..I can't kiss a girl, I'm worried ...I'm in a state of panic..

Knock knock

I open the door and it's Kirk...

"Ray what's wrong"

Fawk, I need to kiss a girl and Katie is not available....

Leave it to Kirk to have the answer but really, the slap wasn't necassary.

"WTF "SLAP", call Vogue and go 3 for 3"

Yup, a quick text and Vogue had Stephanie at my front door...kind of explains the looks and smirks I was getting from the maids on the floor cleaning the rooms.

Stephanie is a GND type with a very sexy body....She has a great inviting fun personality and we had a blast. Stephanie can speak English well enough to have a conversation between the fun stuff.

A very nice BBBJ, awesome DFK, tasty Daty and FS til I heard Kirk screaming from his room to keep it down and Peter pounding from down below with his broom on the ceiling...

VOGUE, awesome roster of hotties!!

I can't now do my happy dance to

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3/3 with Vogue that weekend. Rai was a happy man as he saw 3 beauties in 3 days...but wait until you hear what he did later that day...
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