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IN-Call Daphne @ Mirage

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Here is my review on Daphne. I know some think she is too thin. However, I disagree she is my type. In reality she has a model's body that is why she looks so good on her photos. The camera adds 5-10 pounds. She is listed as 112 lbs on the Mirage website but she is more like 95-100 lbs, but no complaints for me. I would classify her as a spinner. Her face is young and has very pretty eyes and full kissable lips. Her hair is long and dark brown down to almost the waist and she has bangs which makes her look more innocent. However, she is a naughty girl which is good because I am in for treat.

I arrived at the condo, took a quick shower and came to see her lying on the bed in the bedroom. I sat next to her and we chatted for while. Next we started kissing and some LFK. She must have some kind of cherry or strawberry flavoured lip gloss on because her lipsd were so sweet. She started stroking my cock and instantly it was rock hard. She wraped her lips around my stiff member and went at it BBBJ. She has a wonderfull technique and I wanted to go DATY so we 69. We 69 for about 8-10 minutes then more BBBJ until CIM.

Round 2 was for more DATY, I loved her meaty labia and she tasted good, I also rimmed her which got her excited. Pussycat Dolls was playing on the radio, "When I Grow UP" that only inspired me more to go at. On go the rubber and she rode me CG and then we switched to doggy. She is very tight. I know some would give lower marks for not doing Greek but it did not bother me with a pussy that tight. She finished me off with BBBJTCIM.

Face: 9.5
Body: 9
Attitude: 10
Service: 10

I don't think I will ever repeat. WTF, you kidding me, I have to see her again. Daphne is my new ATF.


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High marks LL. But you are talking about Daphne afterall. Welcome aboard.


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Thanks LL.
I've still never seen a pic of Daphne. Your link redirects me. Any suggestions?
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olayda said:
Thanks LL.
I've still never seen a pic of Daphne. Your link redirects me. Any suggestions?

Just noticed they took her pics down. If you search daphne and mirage in google, there are links to some ads with photos like this one:

I heard she may be getting implants this summer. Personally, I like her the way she is.


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Thanks for the valuable information Lovelatinas, should I guess why you have this handle?.


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Excellent review again LL. Seen Dahpne and your review is dead on, sincerely hope she doesn't get the boob job she is perfect as is. Did she rim you LL?

Senor Gomes

Hey dude welcome to another Latina lover great review, take care.


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daphne gave me one of the best f***k this old man has had. She is one of a kind, thanks LL.


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LL looks like we have the same tastes, one of the best BBBJDTCIM in the business. Thanks again for the accurate review of Daphne.


Oh yes my babe also got you hooked LL, she is a jewel and a true nymph. Awesome review, has she ever worked anywhere else but Mirage?.


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We 69 for about 8-10 minutes then more BBBJ until CIM

Out of this world Wow how did you breath. :eek:


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Thank you for the good review LL, wish I can find the funds to see this legend. Her price tag $300 ?
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