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Trying to book Jemma after so many stellar reviews. Ravi (Think that is how its spelled) tells me not available at my time slot. I then asked who was available at that time. He starts with Daphne, I yelled STOP 'You fucking kidding me'. Told him it is not nice to play games with a horny guy, it can get dangerous. Been trying for ever to hook with this babe, so here it goes.

Read some member's reviews of her and they both got what they wanted in service wise but no chemistry. So I was determined it wouldn't happen to me.

She opens the door, I ask her are you Daphne?, she says yes. I don't think so I say, she looks at me puzzled and I say I cannot believe I am going to that room with the sexiest most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She gave me a big smile, held my hand and on to the room. BTW, the truth is she is very very sexy and a hot looking babe.

Chit chat for a few minutes and I just kept looking at her sexy eyes the whole time. Mandatory shower and rush to the bed. She is lying sideways waiting for me. I love her body, long legs, thin and a great ass. Started LDFK to one short but passionate kiss. She is very sensual with her touching, then goes to see the man.

Starts teasing me at first playing with JR's head for a while softly and with head movement action. It was good but no Wow nor DT, but then she moved to my side and just attacked my buddy, No hands DT at times and just Kept going on and on and on. it was just superb.

Told her to lie down She loves Daty specially with both her legs up and together. Then push her legs away and then she starts to surprise me. I am holding her ass and realized she wanted to do her own thing so I let her.
She moves her pussy towards you, to the sides, up and down. I just stuck my tongue and she did all the work. I finally heard a moan when the big O happened.

Mish time and Wow again, gently at first then harder and harder. Again she moves her body to get better pleasure. We kept going at it for a while. I asked her if CIM available out of respect and she softly said yes but knew she was having a good time so just pushed harder into her and came inside to give her best pleasure.

Wow, I love this woman $300 plus tip well worth it.


Well-known member
Joined Nov 10, 2009
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Re: Daphne @ Mirage

Awesome review of a superstar IMO! It's been a long time since I've seen her and I definitley need to soon!


Joined Dec 6, 2009
Messages 531
Re: Daphne @ Mirage

I agree with Heatwave. This girl is a superstar and I haven't seen her in far too long. . . . and that is how the TDL keeps growing.


Lone Wolf

Joined Nov 16, 2009
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Re: Daphne @ Mirage

4Times said:
Daphne is the consumate pro. She has it all wired together and has this attitude at the door that says to you "I don't know who you are, I don't care what you look like, but you are about to be with the best in the business". Very cool, pretty and unique young lady. Consistantly higher end service and therefor VIP at the top agency in the city.

I agree.


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Joined Dec 8, 2009
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Re: Daphne @ Mirage

theman said:
neverenoughsex said:
Awesome review bt123 you know how to talk with SP ;)

He always gets high mileage.
bt123 is a class act.. that's how you get high mileage!
I really need to see Daphne.. these reviews of her drive me nuts.. she has everything i enjoy in a Lady!


Joined Dec 2, 2009
Messages 10
Re: Daphne @ Mirage

I have had the pleasure of being with Daphne a few times. Never been with anyone better....ever


Re: Daphne @ Mirage

hhdan said:
I have had the pleasure of being with Daphne a few times. Never been with anyone better....ever

There are bud ;) but she is amazing

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