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Airport Golden Spa Danika @ Airport Golden spa

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zigzaw joker

Joined Apr 21, 2010
Messages 285

Had session with the somewhat legendary Danika of ex Utopia and now at Airport Golden Spa. Booking was easy with Alex handling the arrangements. Before I get into the details let me lay the cards on the table, Danika is very friendly and easy to talk to but i her pics on the web site are misleading, IMO she looks older in person and i'd add a few lbs to her stated weight, nor is she near as curvy as depicted.

I chose the bodyslide massage, session began as usual with me on my stomach, Danika's massage skills are good, she obviously knows what she's doing, her bikini was piled on the chair relatively quickly which i really like, there was some teasing but not alot, this could be because we were chatting up a storm. We switched positions, during my round of being the masseuse, I was able to explore all the fun parts without restriction while Danika quietly sighed appropriately.

On the the flip Danika's experience and skills really begin to shine, not all jack-hammer by any means, we tried a couple of different positions which without a doubt were pushing MP limits, accompanied by some great sexy/dirty talk, again which i really enjoy. Danika is not shy, her hygiene is impeccable, .. everywhere ! .. finish was unrushed ensuring full enjoyment on my part. Service didn't stop there, Danika helped clean me up, started the shower and scrubbed the oil off my back, which was a nice touch IMO.

So if your looking for a young hard body type MPA then Danika may not be your cup of tea, however if you prefer mature MPA's who know what their doing, can take the lead to provide above average mileage, service along with friendly out going attitude, she's your girl !​


Active member
Joined Mar 10, 2010
Messages 33
Great review ZJ. She has hot body, specially her ass looks amazing!

zigzaw joker

Joined Apr 21, 2010
Messages 285
justme74 said:
very good review zigzaw joker, i am planning to see her this week

well apparently she's off the schedule as of this morning, can't even see her in the link, guess she's moved on


Well-known member
Joined Dec 28, 2009
Messages 86
zigzaw joker said:
well apparently she's off the schedule as of this morning, can't even see her in the link, guess she's moved on

Too bad, hope she turns up at another spa soon. Slutty milfy's that talk dirty are my fav :)


Joined May 14, 2010
Messages 112
zig, thanks for review. was going to hit her up this weekend but she is of the roster.

bad boy

Well-known member
Joined Jan 9, 2010
Messages 111
Thanks for the heads up bro. She sounds interesting. Hope she resurfaces.

joe jizum

Joined Aug 28, 2010
Messages 7
Danika now at Palladium Spa

Danika now at Palladium Spa

Check her out at Palladium, still the same service.
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