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Sassy Angels Danielle @ Sassy does Gomes proud.

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My date with Sophie was canceled :frown:and moved to Friday but after seeing all the beauties Sassy had at the CAERF party decided to book Danielle after exchanging pm with senor Gomes and the high recommendation by my buddy hoop. Go to their condo with the same RM policy of walking in and don't knock thingy.

There was no surprise on her looks as I was eying her at the party and found her to be extremely sexy and super attractive. But was really impressed at her outgoing personality and sincere way she handles herself. She is such a genuine and fun person and made me feel I was her true BF. Greets me with a wet kiss at the door and a huge smile which never left her face for the full hour.

Mandatory shower and asked me if I want a beer, wine, juice, pop. No thank you I just want you corny me says. Which reminds me, she never asked for the money up front which is surprising but cool. Started with LFK and let to some DFK, her lips are a joy to suck on.

She then started licking my ears, nipples and ended up with amazing BL. She really goes at it for a while with rimming included which I have discovered that its a good feeling (No homo here Demien). She then goes to JR and WOW her technique is one of the best. Tons of spit and for those that had the now retired Amanda, exactly same technique. plays with the head ton and then the sideways DT. Wow the slurping and noice she was making was a great turn out.

She then moved her ass to my face for 69 and daty with rear and front digits were had. Wow she smelled so good and has a perfect solid ass. It was mish time and the babe doesn't waste a beat, she spread eagled and told me to fuck her senseless. Moans and screams of pleasure from her had me pounding harder. Then mover her to her side and entered her that way, asked her if she was ready for Gomes. She gave me a devilish look with a huge smile I presumed it was a yes. :great:

Side ways Gomes then mish style then doggie way. Was about to come and she yells no in my mouth my mouth. Holy shit one of the best times this rookie has ever had. Guys she is the true PSE babe. $300 including Gomes an amazing investment.


Beenthere123 said:
She then started licking my ears, nipples and ended up with amazing BL. She really goes at it for a while with rimming included which I have discovered that its a good feeling (No homo here Demien).

Jesus-Christ-MonkeyBalls! BT! You're just getting around to that NOW~!? Too late to go back now dude, you're really sliding over to the dark, deviant side of the hobby nowadays, ain'tcha'? Hang on, I'll scooch over and make some room on the red velvet couch for ya'....:666:

Excellent review BT! Glad you had a great time!

Knight Rider

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Excellent review, BT123. Danielle does have a awesome body!

It looks like she more than made up for your disapointment of not being able to see Sophie.



WOW BT...I also tried to book Sophie but she won't be available until friday; but what a way to come out of a back up plan. Stellar review my friend....just stellar.

BTW.... Monkey Balls LMAO!!!! Good one Demien....hehehehe I'm gonna chuckle all night now hehehehe....


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Iambad said:
BT does she still have a a clit and anal piercing?.

Still had last time I saw her and its between her pussy and asshole. Excuse the bad language. :666:

Senor Gomes

BT you owe be a Keg not a beer, told you so she is fantastic. For the greek lovers you also must taste Vicky @ Mirage and Amber @ GOE. Caliente mujeres !!!!!!


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Nice plan B BT. Picking Danielle up on a redirect. Another interesting read bud. Danielle is an established star now. Love those Sassy Angels. GRRRRRRRRRRR.


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You horny bugger, excellent review! I love her pics, another lady I have always wanted to sample!!


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Excellent review BT123!

Beware women of the caerf party for BT123 is coming for
Actually don't beware..but be prepared. BT123 is the man!

She looked great!


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Thank you for the review! Danielle is one fine looking ebony lady.


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An outstanding review BT. Met this gem at the party . . . you are a lucky man!!

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