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Joined Feb 8, 2010
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NB - this is a duplicate post of review in TO INCALL

I recently had a session with Daniella Harper at her London incall location. Based in London, she also offers incalls periodically in Toronto in the airport area. Accordingly I will post in both Toronto and London forums. For contact info, follow the links. I do not believe she advertises on this board, but she does post her TO schedule and availability on the “other” board.


Pictures are accurate. Tight, toned and attractive. She’s not 20, but she doesn’t pretend to be, and frankly nor should she.

She was easy to reach by phone and to confirm details by email. I contacted her by phone late afternoon for a session that evening! As they say YMMV. She has a booking form on her website that she asked me to complete. As an indy I can’t say I’m surprised that she must want some way of keeping track of / screening clients.

She has a range of price/service points. I opted for “Gold” which may be pricey for London, but is comparable to top talent at GOE or Mirage. I was not disappointed. Actually, when I factor in the time and hassle of getting to TO, unpredictable traffic and potential for being late for sessions, this starts to seem like a bargain.

Location was upscale elegantly decorated condo in SW London, very easy to find and no problems with parking.

We started off with a glass of wine and some conversation. She has an interesting collection of art and can talk with some sophistication about a wide range of subjects. I have to confess I was beginning to worry about the clock, but we eventually segue to the task at hand and after a shower I meet her in the bedroom which was tastefully decorated with several prominently displayed and very elegant nude photographs of her.

I have noticed that the London threads on multiple boards as a rule do not divulge a lot of details, so out of respect to Ms. Harper I will follow that pattern. Suffice to say that in my opinion the menu was proportionate to the price point – YMMV. If you need/want particular details pls PM. As to my concerns about the clock, they were definitely put to rest.

I also have the feeling that repeat clients get further privileges and will be in a position to report on that sometime later as I will definitely be seeing her again.


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Joined Mar 23, 2010
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Thanks Rob read it in the in call section but good for placing it here for the brothers.


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Scottfree said:
Thanks Rob read it in the in call section but good for placing it here for the brothers.

I like this review better than the one in the in call :mrgreen: - Ok I am a joker :geek:

love exotics

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Joined Dec 29, 2009
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Nice review RR. Daniella's sounds like a true courtesan. Will problably pay her visit when I'm in the area again.


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Joined May 30, 2010
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robroy, your review is absolutely accurate.

I've been a fan of Daniella Harper for about 3 years.

This lady has provided me with wonderful experiences on each visit.

It's very easy to recommend her for someone wanting an upscale experience.

I have 2 favourite ladies in the biz, a Mpa, and a Sp. Daniella is my ATF Sp.

who's your daddy???

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Joined Dec 29, 2009
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Been only been able to visit daniella on one occasion, and I'm defintely hooked. Looks and service are both hot outstanding. Can't wait for an encore. :)


Joined Oct 30, 2010
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Have repeated with Daniella a couple of times. She now works out of TO sometimes.


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Joined May 30, 2010
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MrButtman said:
I believe all the time now. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Toronto seems to be her main focus, but she still comes to London on occasion to bless us with her presence and skills.
(seems to be about every 6 weeks or so)

For that, we are thankful. :)
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