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Had the pleasure of meeting at a few weeks back. The booking process with Eye Candy was smooth and used their text line, which makes it a lot easier to make arrangements subtly while at work.

While small in stature, Daley certainly packs a punch! She’s cute with a nice enhanced bust and a wonderfully curvy bottom. Daley’s very friendly and an excellent companion to spend time with. No detailed, blow by blow accounting from me but for those that need more specific details there are reviews by other esteemed members on the board.

Overall I can say that I had an enjoyable session and would recommend. Daley is much like this review: short and sweet.:wink2: I’m not sure we completely connected but I would see her again if the oppourtunity presents itself in the future.


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Thank you Wookie. You just reminded me that I do have to get my hands on the pillows!
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My first post here...

Daley is amazing. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, you should. She is one of two ladies who bring the animal out of me and I love it.
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