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Dakotah Wild - Allegra Escorts

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Dakotah Wild of Allegra Escorts

Most open and transparent SP you'll find (as shown on twitter & profile on mirage site is the first/only profile that I've seen that's spot on). She's very friendly and opened up to me quite a bit right away which I found odd, but it made me feel comfortable, so I started opening up too. Her age is real, as confirmed by her.

Face: 8.5 very pretty face. Light freckles. I love her lips, which unfortunately will have injections soon.

Body 8.5: Previous comment along the lines of "more petite than you'd think" was inaccurate. She's at least 5'5", normal shoulder broadness, overall normal frame, but with a big booty. Pussy is pure muffin, no roast beef.

Services 9.5: Again, very open about her restrictions (no butt stuff, no digits). Other than that, she's super willing to please.

Recommend: Yes
WIR: Yes

She's blowing up and getting booked up all the time because of her twitter (source: her)...


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It's awesome to hear that she's so upfront and friendly, making it easy to connect with her. It's always a plus when an SP puts you at ease right from the start. And it's great that her age checks out and matches her profile. It sounds like you really dig her physical features too! A pretty face with light freckles and amazing lips - though it's a bummer she's getting injections soon. Her body sounds awesome too, with a normal frame but a noticeable booty. And it's good to know she offers top-notch services, with clear restrictions and a willingness to please. Thanks for the recommendation and letting us know she's in high demand. Btw, have you already checked out Viennese hookers? How do you like them?
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