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SUNshine Girl Brittany, 24, is all about healthy living and being fit, like we mean really fit! She has already competed in the doing fitness and the bikini divisions in the UFE — Ultimate Fitness Events — and will be back at it this summer.

1297396276965_SG_LARGE_PROFILE.jpg 1297396278904_SG_LARGE_PROFILE.jpg



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SUNshine Girl Charlee is a bunny with all the right hops now — but our curvacious cutie used to weigh 200 pounds. Now weighing in at a svelte 125, Charlee, 23, suggests switching from sweets to carrots if you want to stay trim enough to keep up with her. (Jack Boland/QMI Agency)

She's been on before, and I do think it's been noted that she looked like she lost a lot of weight at one time, and now I guess it's been confirmed.

She didn't do much for me before, but realizing that she's lost this much weight, deserves a bit of congratulations. B! :good:


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SUNshine Girl Angie, 22, is a 5-foot-5 Leo who counts hockey and football as two of her most favourite things. Of course, if you threw in fishing, family and the odd drag race, Angie would be completely thrilled. (Ernest Doroszuk /QMI Agency)

This girl is definitely a "comfortable fit" size, but she's got a really cute face, and she reminds me of Alison Hannigan from How I Met Your Mother. B+! :good:


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thesun said:
He won't be happy!

What are you , his body guard? Listen, Tranny is taking good care of him. They haven't left the closet for months! Sending him this gal will just break up the routine for the two fellas!
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