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Daily rating for Sunshine Girl

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Joined Jun 2, 2010
Messages 9,200
No shit bosco, they are telling us we don't have hot enough women to beat a chick from edmonchuck.....5'4", totally doable......9.5/10


Joined Sep 9, 2010
Messages 4,749
SUNshine Girl Keli is certainly a unique gal. She was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, is on a lacrosse cheerleading squad (and loving it) but wants to join the Canadian navy.

Sort of a half-assed effort by the Sun today- only 3 pictures. Nice trim body but facially sh'e not doing anything for me - 7


Joined Dec 17, 2010
Messages 14,347
Wanker said:
7.5/10 her mouth does it for me. Imagine the possibilities :biggrin2:


I like!!!! I wanna see more, what's with only 3 pictures today, Sun? Of what I can see right now, 92%!!! /-Thumbs-up::/


Joined Dec 17, 2010
Messages 14,347
21 from Kent
"I've always loved the pin up girl look and it’s really cool that I’m a pin-up girl now too"

She has actually one of the smallest boobs among all of the girls I've seen on this page, but she's still stunning! And she's a DJ too. 97%!!!
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