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Daily rating for Sunshine Girl

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SUNshine Girl Cherish is not of this time. She wishes she were born in the 1940s or ’50s when women were dames, dolls, bombshells and vixens. This 27-year-old admires Veronica Lake, Vivien Leigh and Marilyn Monroe and enjoys movies such as Casablanca and Gone With The Wind. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid! (Jack Boland/PHOTO)

Kind of an original photoshoot, not the usual poses, obviously. She seems to have a great body. Not thrilled about her inflatables. Her face is okay, not great though. I'd give this one an 86%, mainly for the originality.

BTW, previous photoshoot (she was blonde): Cherish, 2010-06-18

LMAO, sorry for reposting her but this shoot looks like some of the Russian B & S websites.

Maurice Boscorelli

Senior Member
Joined May 30, 2010
Messages 19,337
Okay this isn't April the 1st right?

I'm just flabbergasted by the decision to put her in as a SSG...........2//10


Joined Dec 17, 2010
Messages 14,347
I'd do her for one night only, mainly for the soft pillowy body to lie on. Don't want to see that in pictures though. 45%!


Well-known member
Joined Jun 2, 2010
Messages 9,200
So would I Guido, so would I. I agree with the rating too.

seriously, is there anyone you WOULDN'T fuck? I mean what's your criteria....that she must have a pulse? lol........(or is that optional? heheheh)


Joined Sep 9, 2010
Messages 4,749
SUNshine Girl Aly wants to serve and protect — the brown-eyed beauty is studying to be a police constable (we feel safer already). When she’s not learning to take down perps Aly likes sports, especially football, and travelling.

Oddly she also slightly resembles the chick in Rookie Blue - 7.5
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